Paul Mescal & Phoebe Bridgers Got Engaged In A Low-Key Way

They may have sparked their romance on Instagram, but Paul Mescal and Phoebe Bridgers are a pretty notoriously private couple. In their two years as boyfriend and girlfriend, the two have kept their love life pretty much to themselves, so much so that fans had been wondering for months if they secretly got engaged and decided to never announce it. Well, now the cat’s finally out of the bag, because Paul Mescal finally confirmed he and Phoebe Bridgers are engaged.

In classic Paul Mescal fashion, the big announcement didn’t come in the form of a perfectly stylized Instagram post or a glamorous photo shoot — in fact, most people probably wouldn’t have even noticed the engagement announcement at all. The confirmation was hidden in the middle of Mescal’s Nov. 6 profile for The Guardian. After the actor spoke about his decision to quit social media in 2021, a parenthetical confirmed that he is now engaged to Bridgers, whom he met back when he was very active on IG. Yep, that’s it — a tiny note in parenthesis. The relationship update may not have occurred in the grand, romantic way that shippers may have wanted, but it totally feels like a classic Mescal and Bridgers move.

Not that this exciting next step really comes as much of a surprise, though. There have been rumors swirling that Mescal and Bridgers have been secretly engaged for months. Back in April, tabloids began reporting that Bridgers was referring to Mescal as her fiancé throughout Coachella weekend. Bridgers notably didn’t deny the truth of the reports when she addressed them in a The Guardian interview in June, but also declined to disclose her relationship status. Now we know that Mescal and Bridgers are officially engaged, although they have yet to reveal just when they took this next step.

Mescal and Bridgers’ relationship timeline has been like a modern fairytale. The two got to know one another by flirting via Instagram during the thick of global lockdown in 2020. When it started to become safe to travel again, the two were spotted hanging out around Ireland together, and Mescal even starred in Bridgers’ 2020 music video for her song “Savior Complex.” They finally confirmed their relationship by attending a red carpet event arm-in-arm in November 2021.

Given how long the couple waited to finally confirm their relationship, it should come as no surprise they also kept their engagement a secret from fans. But now it’s all out in the open, so everyone can start fantasizing about what their low-key, super-romantic wedding is going to look like. I’m picturing a wedding dress with decorated with skeleton bones.

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