People gush over ‘bride’s’ ‘stunning’ white dress for beach wedding… then realise what’s actually going on

WE struggle to decide what to wear for a wedding at the best of times – but throw in a beach setting and we’re absolutely lost.

So when this woman recently found herself in this scenario, she decided to go in a long cotton dress with pretty bow sleeves, tiered skirt and a V-neckline.


The guest’s outfit caused quite a stir on RedditCredit: Reddit

But there was just one small problem: the dress just happened to be white.

After spotting the fashion faux pas, one of her Facebook friends quickly posted it on Reddit’s Wedding Shaming forum.

In the photo, the woman is pictured posing next to two male guest and has her arms around one of them.

Having blurred out the woman’s face, the anonymous user wrote: “Spotted on FB. Casual beach wedding.

“So I totally thought this woman was the bride at first.”

The post racked up dozens of comments from outraged members – who argued she was trying to take attention away from the happy couple.

One wrote: “That dress is perfect for a casual beach wedding – IN ANY COLOR BUT WHITE.

“I refuse to believe she couldn’t find the same dress in a pretty pastel shade.”

Having branded the frock “stunning”, another added: “I don’t understand why anyone does this. It just makes them look ridiculous.

“No one is ever thinking ‘Wow, that guest in the white look great!’

“They’re thinking ‘Jeez, that lady is nuts.'”

Meanwhile, a third said: “‘Casual’ doesn’t mean all the rules are out the window.. c’mon lady.”

And while others argued it was “bad karma”, some critics took issue with her shoe choice too.

A fourth fumed: “Who wears heels to a beach wedding? She’s just ASKING of a rolled ankle.”