People Online Are Discussing Crocs As Wedding Footwear And The Opinions Vary

In February 1840, Queen Victoria walked down the aisle in a white wedding dress, setting a trend that continues to this day. Yes, even almost two hundred years later, the general concept of a wedding gown in Western cultural tradition has changed little.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue – and, of course, elegant white shoes for a beautiful white dress. But what if bridal shoes turn out to be completely different? For example, in the Facebook Wedding Ideas community, someone recently suggested Crocs as bride’s shoes.

Someone supposed Crocs could be possible wedding footwear and a heated discussion ensued

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Crocs were first released around two decades ago but became one of the most widespread footwear models all over the world, causing both love and hatred

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Image credits: LindaYvetteDesigns

Brides’ opinions in the discussion were very divided, but most people, however, thought that Crocs weren’t appropriate for a wedding ceremony

Crocs were first released over 20 years ago and have since become one of the most popular and widespread footwear models around the world. Over the two decades of its history, the Colorado-based company has had collaborations with almost all world-famous brands – from Beams and Nicole McLaughlin to Balenciaga and even KFC. No wonder the idea of wearing Crocs to a wedding ceremony had to come up sooner or later.

The history of Crocs is, first of all, comfort and a fluke, and therefore the opinions of women about Crocs as wedding footwear varied very much. Someone argues that these shoes are appropriate for a wedding only if the bride had foot surgery the day before, and now her foot does not fit into any other shoes. Someone reasonably notes that people have no class anymore and no one dresses up; it’s all about comfort.

Some brides even suggested a compromise – to appear in high heels for the ceremony itself, and then, if the feet get tired, spend the rest of the party in comfortable and soft sandals. But still, most people believe that while Crocs are, of course, incredibly practical and comfortable, a wedding is too important an event to wear such shoes.

Yes, when making a choice between comfort and beauty, brides still choose beauty more often – regardless of the country and traditions. “I had this vision of how I wanted my shoes to be like at my wedding because it has to be comfortable; it can be flats or sometimes I can wear sneakers,” says film producer and fashion designer Rhea Capoor in a recent interview for The Times of India. “I didn’t really want to wear sneakers to actually get married. I didn’t want it to be stocky like a wedge, I wanted it to be delicate, sophisticated and clean, with a level of luxury to it but still be modern so the oversized pearl, the vegan leather, and just a slight heel made it come together.”

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“I’ve done dozens of weddings, but I’ve never met a bride wearing Crocs right at the ceremony,” says Denis Tsykanovsky, a wedding host from Tel Aviv, Israel, who was contacted by Bored Panda for a comment on the story. “Anyway, a wedding is such a thing, the memory of which will remain nearly forever. In the end, the fashion will pass – but the photographs from the wedding will remain.”

“However, in my experience, there have been many brides wearing sneakers. Stan Smith, Converse All Stars – these are just a few of the most popular models that women put on to walk down the aisle. And no matter what someone might think about you, because it’s your own big day. If sneakers are an integral part of your lifestyle, why not wear them to your wedding? The main thing is that you are happy, and the rest is just details,” Denis Tsykanovsky states.

By the way, some people in the initial thread note that in the original photo, the traditional wedding dress does not match the Crocs on the feet of the bride and her bridesmaids at all. “At least get one of the dress styles, if you really must have Crocs. I get the comfort level, and the color is a good match, but it just doesn’t work with those dresses,” commenters summarize.

People in the comments pay tribute to Crocs’ comfort, yet many brides believe that high heels still remain wedding standard