Perfect Bismarck Wedding – Kaid & Brit With Blush & Blondie

How many times have we heard the expression “It was a fairy tale wedding”?

A lot, but let me tell you something, what took place just a couple of days ago, October 1st here in Bismarck was THE most charming, thoughtful, engaging “I DO” moment of bliss I have ever heard of. On a beautiful Saturday, after some “Good Luck” rain had come and gone, Kaid and Brit joined together along with about 450 guests at Sixteen03 Main Events. Holding hands and walking among family and friends, sounds like a normal routine wedding, right? Well, these two had some special friends there that produced memories of this day that people will always remember.

Blush and Blondie

Mother and daughter were politely off to the side, greeting everyone who stopped by their modest area, handshakes and hugs were not part of their day – you see 17-month- old Blush and her 6-year-old mom are mini-cattle – 7K Highlands delightful cows. As they accepted their noses to be rubbed and their heads patted, they gathered in to watch Kaid and Brit unite. These two are extremely busy people who spend time living here in Bismarck during the week, then as much as they can they are off to their ranch in Carson, ND. They each stood tall as they received their wedding vows, and off to the side mother and daughter – 42 inches tall or shorter – watched proudly. Brit told me on the phone how perfect this day was.

No doubt the charm of this wedding was aided by the cows

But the real charm came from the planning it took from Brit and Kaid. They wanted to make extra sure that everyone was comfortable and a lot of their friends brought their kids to the wedding – with Blush and Blondie AND little UNO on-site- smiles never left the 450 guests. Needless to say, this was an instant hit, possible future weddings were discussed by a couple of photographers hoping to emulate the same event. “It’s been insane, so many people have reached out to us…..” Brit said. I could tell just by her friendly voice that she and Brit would do anything for anybody if they needed some of their animals to attend any special days to come. “This whole day was HUGE for us, a rustic elegant wedding”

I would add a PERFECT wedding was held on October 1st!

Sixteen03 Main Events Facebook

Sixteen03 Main Events Facebook

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