Personalized Vow Books for Your Wedding Ceremony

By: Hannah Brock
| Published:
January 13, 2023

One of the main focal points of a wedding is the part right before the first kiss as a married couple… yep, we’re talking about the wedding vows! The vows are one of the most significant moments of a wedding ceremony– where the almost-married couple makes promises to one another for their marriage. If you ask us, the vows are the most meaningful part of the entire wedding day, so it’s a worthy area of the celebration to put forth the extra effort to personalize.

For years couples have chosen to write their own vows, personalizing them to be just for their significant other. These may include funny memories, sweet times, and promises they intend to keep forever. Writing personalized vows is a way to exclaim your love for one another in your own words. When it comes to writing the vows, there are no rules. Whether you choose to write your own vows or stick to a traditional script, it’s special to have a nice-looking booklet to read them from at the altar.

Instead of repeating the traditional vows after the officiant, using a personalized vow book is a sweet detail to include in your wedding ceremony. A vow book is not only a meaningful keepsake, but it can also help to calm your nerves. Having a written copy of your vows allows you to read from a book without needing to memorize your entire speech!

Custom Wedding Ceremony Vow Books

Below are nine vow books to personalize, making the moment of becoming a married couple uniquely yours!

Personalized Vow Books

Foil Pressed Vow Books

Etsy • $30

Set of two notebooks, personalizing the foil and ribbon color. A sentimental book to hold on to forever to your future spouse.

Personalized Vow Books

Our Vows Book

Zazzle • $27.16

A book to share, one bound together by love. The lined paper inside comes in six colors and custom lettering.

Personalized Vow Books

Leather Vow Books

Ox&Pine • $25

Lettering stamped into leather-bound books. Lined or unlined, Ox&Pine gives availability for many customizations.

Vow Books

Lined Paper Vow Books

Amazon • $6.59

With fast delivery, amazon is perfect for personalized books at an inexpensive price. Each modern book has lined pages.

Vow Books

Customizable Vow Booklets

ArtifactUprising • $17

Available in any color and font, the choice is possible to make the custom booklets completely yours!

Vow Books

Hard Cover Vow Books

Etsy • $39.99

Hardcover books are durable and can stay intact for a longer period of time! Coming in a set of two, personalizing any way you want for the name and date!

Vow Books

Cardstock Vow Booklets

Amazon • $35

“Happily Ever After” is written on each book, with customized names and dates at the bottom. Simple and chic for a rustic vibe!

Vow Books

Personalized Vow Books

Etsy • $27

Foil-printed and classy books with a beautiful floral design. Choose from sixteen book colors and three foil colors for your dream vow books!

Vow Books

Modern Vow Booklets

Etsy • $34.50

Classy and modern books to hold on to years after the wedding. Coming in a set of two, thin booklets are very customizable!

Vow books are optional and up to the couple if they choose to add more personalization to their wedding. We hope this roundup of wedding ceremony vow booklets can help inspire your choices!

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