Pet dog refuses to let bride go to groom’s house after marriage – Watch emotional video

Four-legged friends are the best beings anyone could ever ask for, especially, pet dogs. It is very hard to endure separation from your pets once you see their affection and share the vibe with them. 

However, these lovely pets have to often spend eight to ten hours alone at home waiting while we go to the office. Imagine, leaving your pet dog forever. Yes, you read that right!

An emotional video of a pet dog stopping its owner from going to her husband’s house is going viral. The bride had to leave her pet dog to start a new life with her husband after marriage.

Like every girl, she had no other way, but to go with her husband. But, the love of her pet couldn’t give her the courage to take the step out of the house as she is stopped by her pet dog. 

Unable to control herself, she bursts into tears and hugs the dog.

Sharing the video, an Instagram user wrote, “Jaanwar Ko Bhi Sab Pata Hai (with crying emojis).” 

After being shared on the photo-sharing platform, the video has garnered thousands of likes and broken hearts and crying emojis.

In the video, we can see a bride, dressed in a red saree and ornaments, crying as she is stopped by her pet from leaving the house. The video is making everyone emotional on social media.

On the other hand, things are getting hard for office goers who were doing work from home and had spoiled their pets for attention. Now that they are required to go back to the office.

Even, actor Kartik Aaryan had through an Instagram video shared how his pooch did not want him to go to work.
Taking to his Instagram handle, Kartik had written, “Spoilt kid Katori Aaryan, Ye Mujhe Kaam Pe Jaane Nahi Degi.”