Philadelphia 76ers’ Tobias Harris celebrates a wedding with loved ones

It has been a busy offseason for the Philadelphia 76ers on and off the court so a wedding seems like a perfect distraction to get away for a bit.

Veteran Tobias Harris held an extravagant wedding, to say the least. He and his now wife, Jasmine, held the event at Oheka Castle in New York. This made a beautiful venue for the wedding with its stunning views and beautiful fountains.

Jasmine and Tobias had been engaged since 2020 so it was the perfect opportunity to get away for a bit and also be able to come in ready and focused for the coming season. Harris posted a video on Twitter celebrating the occasion.

Marrying his best friend left him in very good spirits too. In light of saying he was marrying his best friend, he even joked about how he was marrying Jasmine and not Boban Marjanovic in a lighthearted and funny Twitter post.

Jasmine and Tobias have a great relationship and are a really great couple. He is a very classy guy who has given a lot for the Sixers throughout his career so it was nice to see him have a day that will be in his memory for a lifetime. Sixers fans can only hope that this won’t be his only ring within the next year.