Picard season 3 teaser hint at a wedding?

Star Trek: Picard has already aired a teaser trailer for season three. 

The series starring Patrick Stewart is still in its second season, but Paramount+ released a teaser trailer to entice fans to return for the show’s final season. The trailer included voiceovers by the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation who would be appearing in season three. Along with that, though, it started with Admiral Picard signing fancy card stock with his first name only. And fan speculation has been running wild ever since.

Executive producer Terry Matalas has already said that season three of Star Trek: Picard will be a proper send-off for the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. One can also assume it will be the same for Admiral Jean-Luc Picard as this is, most likely, the last time fans will see him on screen.

A wedding would be the perfect way to end Star Trek: Picard.

Admiral Picard hasn’t had an easy life. He was stabbed in the heart, requiring an artifical heart replacement, was assimiliated by the Borg, tortured by a Cardassian, lost his family in a fire, and that was before The Next Generation ended. Since then, life hasn’t been much easier, and he has turned away from romance when it’s clearly something his heart wants.

This season, the series has tentatively brought Picard and Laris together, but that romance is still undetermined. In the teaser trailer, Picard does appear to be back in his chateau where the series first started and where Laris was working as his housekeeper. We don’t know if she actually left after he wasn’t ready to commit to love, but Picard has had plenty of time to spend with Tallin in 2024, and the chemistry between him and Laris’ lookalike remains strong. On the other hand, Dr. Beverly Crusher will be coming back into Picard’s life next season, and that is the relationship fans have wanted since Star Trek: The Next Generation began.

Of course, this is all supposition, and we won’t know anything until next year, but it’s nice to think that maybe Jean-Luc Picard will get a happy ending after his many, many years of dedicated service saving the galaxy.