Pierce Brosnan Incorporated His Own Wedding Band Into His Doctor Fate Costume

After researching the JSA character, which he was cast to portray in “Black Adam,” Brosnan decided to bring some mementos from his home onto the set of the superhero film. At the New York City premiere of “Black Adam,” Brosnan’s wife, Keely Shаye Smith, admitted she didn’t know her husband had worn his wedding ring in the film. “I just found out about a week ago,” Smith said during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Brosnan, who flanked his bride, offered her and their reporter a befuddled look before insisting he’d spoken with Smith about wearing the wedding band, but she’d simply forgotten about their conversation. “I told her, I did,” Brosnan explained, and he mentioned that his character, Kent Nelson, aka Doctor Fate, also sported a very sentimental watch. “The man [Nelson] has traversed the ages of time.”

Smith was genuinely touched that her husband wore those pieces of jewelry, which signify the love Brosnan and his wife hold in their hearts for one another. “I wore my own wedding ring, which I never do, and I wore my own timepiece,” Brosnan said as he elaborated on his jewelry in an interview with USA TODAY. “A beautiful Montblanc timepiece that my wife Keely gave me that is inscribed with, ‘Time flies on love’s wings.’ Those are personal talismans I brought to the character.”