Pinterest Reveals the Most Popular Wedding Trends of 2022

If you want to know what’s trending in the world of weddings, Pinterest can paint a pretty good picture. After all, since its inception, the online moodboard has been one of the first go-to’s for wedding planning. Now, the next generation is getting engaged and is pinning away. According to Pinterest’s 2022 trends report, Gen Zers are getting married, and they’re ditching some traditions along the way.

To gather the trends, Pinterest taps into what its more than 430 million users are searching and looks at the increase in interest on certain search terms, measuring it by either percentage increase (i.e. +94%) or how many more times it is being searched (i.e. 3X). With this data, Pinterest is able to make predictions each year—and be right 80 percent of the time!—and then later report back with the real-time trends. 

“This year, Pinners are planning for the big wedding celebrations after postponements. We are seeing larger weddings come back and a movement away from minimalism,” says Swasti Sarna, Senior Insights Manager at Pinterest. “We are also seeing rising searches for Pinners wanting to connect back to their roots by celebrating their unique cultural traditions, with 45% of the top wedding trends related to different cultures.”

From “Bridgerton” themes to sustainable weddings, here are the top trends Pinterest is reporting for 2022. 

The Dark Side

The notion of a “white wedding” may be becoming dated as more people head to the opposite end of the color spectrum for dresses and decor. “Black dress wedding party,” “black boho wedding dress” ( 4X), and “black wedding cakes” (+94%) are all trending as are “dark wedding ideas” (59X) and “dark lovers aesthetic” (39X). Taking it a notch further, “vampire wedding dress” is also seeing some action (4X). Black is also being paired with colors like red (4X) and sage green (3X). Intrigued? You can even start the trend as soon as your engagement with a black diamond ring. 


Back in December, Pinterest predicted the rise of the pearl, and they were right on the mark. “Pearl wedding” (3X), “pearl wedding dress” (2X) and “pearl cake” (+46%) are all search terms that have signaled a trend towards “pearlcore.” But, stats aside, you can see with your own eyes how trendy pearls have become for bridal. From pearl engagement rings à la Ariana Grande and Emma Stone to pearl-embellished shoes, these gifts from the sea are everywhere. And, since June is known as wedding month, it’s only fitting that the birthstone of the month has a place in bridal attire.

Forest and Woodland Vibes

The concept of a fairy tale wedding is being taken literally with search terms like “woodland fairy wedding” (7X), “enchanted forest wedding dress” (5X), and “forest wedding ceremony” (2X) trending. Make the theme come alive with a gorgeous forest setting and matching fashion; consider earthy tones for suits and embroidered foliage for dresses and veils. Accessories starting with the invitations and ending with the wedding cake will also set the tone for a magical woodland celebration. 

Global Style

“Celebrating cultures and important traditions are surging on Pinterest as Pinners embrace their roots. Among the top one hundred trends in the wedding category, 45 percent are related to different cultures and religions,” Pinterest writes in its report. Wedding styles and traditions from every part of the globe are trending. Here’s a breakdown of what Pinterest users are looking for by region in 2022:

South Asia

North America

Latin America

  • Colombian wedding (2X)
  • Peruvian wedding (+76%)


  • Modern African dresses wedding (28X)
  • Aso Ebi lace styles 2021 (13X)
  • Nigerian bridesmaid dresses classy (10X)
  • Rwandan traditional wedding dress (6X)


  • Spanish wedding decor (7X)
  • French wedding style (3X)

Love Is Love

Weddings are not one-size-fits-all, and we are rethinking the old-school cake topper image of a bride and groom. Love of all kinds is being celebrated and Pinterest users are reflecting that. Search terms like “non-binary wedding outfit” (8X), “lesbian wedding bridal party” (3X), “gay wedding suits” (3X), and “queer wedding” (2X) are all trending for 2022. The wedding industry is embracing the LGBTQ+ community as well and finding ways to re-interpret traditional gender norms with gender neutral bridal wear.

Bridgerton Influence

With season two of “Bridgerton” on Netflix came an influx of renewed fandom and fascination with the opulent Regency Era. And, it seems Pinterest users are incorporating it into their wedding plans, searching for things like “‘Bridgerton’ bridal shower ideas” (12X) and “‘Bridgerton’ wedding (+31%). There are also less literal interpretations of the theme like “tea party themed bridal shower ideas” (4X), “pastel bridal shower” (2X), and “garden bridal shower themes” (2X).

Sustainable Weddings

It’s cool to care. More and more, sustainability and eco-friendliness are seeping their way into our collective consciousness. And, weddings are no exception. From food to decorations, transportation, and even fashion, weddings can actually create a big environmental impact. So, Pinterest users are looking for ways to lessen their damage when planning a wedding. Terms like “thrifted wedding” (3X), “eco-friendly wedding ideas (2X), “reuse wedding dress ideas” (2X), and “thrifted wedding decor” (+69%) all point to a conscious effort to reduce waste.