Planning the Perfect Barn Wedding

When you think about your wedding, do you picture a formal ceremony in a lovely old church?

Maybe you have visions of a modern event venue with lots of room for lots of people?

Or perhaps when you dream of your wedding, you see yourself and the one you love exchanging vows in a classic barn with family and friends gathered around.

If that warm and welcoming barn is what you’ve been imagining, The Barn at Spring Lake Farms might be just the place for your perfect wedding.

Over the last few years, barn wedding venues have been popping up everywhere. So how do you determine which barn best fits your plans?

Here are a few things to consider.

Seasons and Weather 

Barn weddings are a wonderful way to incorporate nature into your nuptials; however, not all barns are ideal in all seasons. Spring and Autumn usually provide comfortable temperatures, but Summer and Winter can bring extremes. If your barn venue is not climate controlled, heat or cold can make for uncomfortable guests, not to mention a miserable wedding party. Lack of heating or air conditioning means you may need to rent commercial space heaters or large fans. The Barn at Spring Lake Farms has full climate control in our indoor venue, as well as the option to open the roll-up doors for an indoor/outdoor event in pleasant weather, so you can mark this one off your list.

Parking and Terrain

No matter what the season, ensuring your venue has adequate, all-abilities-friendly parking is a must. And if guests will be walking outdoors from one area to another, you will want to check out the terrain. Are walkways even and well-lighted? Is there a lawn that might be soft or unstable? For weddings that include an outdoor component, it’s a good idea to let guests know ahead of time. Early notice will enable you to make arrangements for those with mobility concerns and allow women to choose flats or wedges to avoid high heels getting stuck in damp ground.

Dressing Area for Wedding Party

Many barn venues are structures that actually once housed horses, cows, or other animals. These old barns have been renovated and repurposed, but not all barns are created equal. It can be difficult and expensive to renovate an old barn to provide facilities for guests and separate areas for the wedding party. While The Barn at Spring Lake Farms wedding/event venue is situated on a large family-owned farm, we have a large, newly constructed space with state-of-the-art equipment and amenities, including two spacious, well-appointed suites for the wedding party to relax and prepare for the big event.

Space and Audio Equipment

Another possible concern with renovated barns is adequate space and audio equipment. Does your barn have separate spaces for a celebratory dinner or a buffet-style reception after the ceremony? Will one area need to be reset for the dinner or reception? Does the venue have a stage and PA system for a band or a DJ? Renting and bringing in this equipment will add costs to your budget. Fortunately, The Barn at Spring Lake Farms has a spacious indoor area, two large outdoor areas for events, dinner seating for 225, plus a separate dance floor with a stage.

Finding the perfect place to say your vows and celebrate with loved ones can be complicated. At The Barn at Spring Lake Farms, we are here to make that decision easy, so you can move on to details like dresses, flowers, and catering.