Popular Wedding-Dress Trends for 2022, According to Expert

Overall, brides will be intentionally showing their personalities with their wedding looks in 2022.

Brides are sharing who they are with their dresses.

Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

“Brides are really seeing an opportunity to express themselves in their wedding dresses,” Olson said.

For instance, if a bride is a fan of bows, her wedding dress will likely feature a big, oversized bow, according to Olson. 

“It’s like you want to scream, ‘I’m romantic,’ or ‘I’m a modern bride,'” she went on to say. “You want your dress to be obvious of what makes the wedding you.”

Olson said she thinks brides are leaning toward dramatic looks because weddings are estimated to be bigger than ever in 2022, but she also thinks over-the-top looks make sense for modern brides in general.

“It reads well on social,” she said of maximalist dresses. “I think that it makes for gorgeous photos, and I think that people are very much leaning into that.”