Pregnant Bride-To-Be Destroys 32 Wedding Dresses After Store Refuses To Refund $550 Deposit

That’s $11,000 worth.

A pregnant bride-to-be who was refused her $550 deposit back made sure no-one else was having a wedding, either.

A video going viral on Chinese social media shows the woman, armed with scissors, cutting up exactly 32 bridal gowns… at a cost of $11,000.

According to local reports, the woman had booked a wedding package with the Jiangjin District bridal company in April 2021 ahead of her October 5 ceremony, at a cost of 8000 yuan ($1260).

31st district court/Instagram

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But in August, after finding out she was pregnant, she asked if the wedding could be postponed. Then in November, she returned and asked to cancel outright and get her down payment back — but they refused.

The store reportedly offered to allow her put the money towards the child’s 100th day celebration — a milestone traditionally marked in Chinese culture — and she initially accepted.

“Cut” to January 9 — when she suddenly arrived at the store, scissors in hand:

The video shows the customer methodically making her way around the store, snipping holes in the dozens of dresses on display, as a worker calmly films on her phone.

The employee can be heard repeatedly telling her to think about what she’s doing, and that a single dress is worth several thousand yuan.


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“Several thousands? It’s fine, even if they’re worth several tens of thousands,” she calmly replies, and keeps right on cutting.

As she ruins the store’s inventory, she even asks the employee if she’s going to call the police, assuring her it’s fine if she does, she’ll just reimburse the store.

At the end of her eerily calm rampage, she simply sits down and waits for the police to arrive. They eventually do, and she is taken away.

According to reports, the woman later apologized, and after negotiation, her husband-to-be offered to compensate the store to the tune of 60,000 yuan ($9400); however the manager claims they have not handed over any money yet.

Commenters on social media are divided; some say she should be held criminally responsible and even imprisoned, while others insist pregnancy hormones were probably to blame, and she should be forgiven. Most agreed however that the store should be fully compensated.


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