Princess Anne and Princess Margaret both ‘redefined tradition’ with their wedding style

Wedding dressmaker Cynthia Grafton-Holt spoke exclusively to to explain what the traditions are for choosing royal bridal gowns, and which Princesses broke these protocols.

She said: “One of the first things you may have observed when looking back at the bridal fashion of key royal weddings, is that the tradition of choosing to wear timeless classics nearly always exists.

“A few royal women have opted to redefine that tradition with, (according to royal watchers) an overly simple style of dress.

“One or two examples that spring to mind is Princess Margaret and Princess Anne.

“Others, like Princess Beatrice, have totally broken the mould with her decision to repurpose a gown once worn by the late Queen Elizabeth II.

“Princess Beatrice’s gown was reconstructed to reflect a more modern interpretation of the original whilst preserving the intricate handcrafted detailing.”

However, Lady Kitty Spencer’s wedding attire, according to Ms Grafton-Holt, broke tradition by having not one, but five bridal gowns.

She added: “Unlike any other royal wedding I have known, Lady Kitty’s bridal trousseau consisted of not just two wedding dresses – which is a fast-growing trend amongst modern brides – but five luxurious, swoon-worthy handcrafted beauties in total.


“If you look closely at all of the hair styling details that have emerged, Lady Kitty’s hair is kept clean and minimalist, pulled back into a low bun and no headpiece is worn for any of the dresses and certainly none for the centrepiece bridal gown.

“On a single occasion, she does however opt for roses to be woven into the bun to accompany the floor-length baby blue gown worn to the reception. The Spencer tiara, with its long family history and connection with Princess Diana, did not make it a ‘must wear’ piece for Lady Kitty’s wedding.

“The tiara itself holds many memories and would be worn out of emotive duty; both as a statement piece in and of itself avoiding any clash of attention.

“From my personal perspective based on what I can see of Lady Kitty’s personal style, I wouldn’t have recommended she choose the tiara for the simple reason, she just doesn’t fit the mould of the traditional bride in that sense and, the beautiful Spencer Tiara may have looked a little staid given the vibrant styles of the gowns that Lady Kitty wore. That’s not to detract from its beauty at all but, it just didn’t have the right look alongside the modernity of the gowns selected for the occasion.”