Princess Leia’s Wedding Dress Unveiled for The Princess and the Scoundrel

There are few things in this world that mean as much to me as Leia Organa does so now with Star Wars: The Princess and the Scoundrel, we’re learning about the love of Han Solo and Leia between Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens and is giving us something I love very much: A look at Leia’s wedding dress. A flowing green gown with Leia’s brown hair down in waves in the back, the dress is so very much reminiscent of Leia in Return of the Jedi and reminds me personally why I love her so much. She’s never shied away from who she is.

Fans are already very interested in the dress and planning their own versions of the look. So when one fan asked about Leia’s flowers, Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo shared that Cindel Towani’s (from Ewoks) flowers were used as inspiration for Leia’s bridal bouquet to only further my tears. Pair that with the excerpt that Variety shared from the wedding and how completely in love with Leia Han Solo is and it just all feels like my love for these two characters is recognized so completely in Star Wars: The Princess and the Scoundrel​​​​​​.


The dress is perfect for their wedding and our own Maggie Lovitt spoke with writer Beth Revis about the joy of bringing Han and Leia to life but also the struggle of nailing their dynamic. “Getting the voices just right was vital—bantering and bickering are love languages to these two, and if I went off-key with their voices, every reader would know. These are not my characters; Han and Leia belong to everyone who loves them, and I knew I could not get their voices wrong,” Revis said and went on to talk about how she tested lines to make sure they’d work. “I tested almost every single line of dialogue with my husband—I made him read Han’s lines out loud, and I read Leia’s, all in an effort to get the tone just right. What actually ended up surprising me the most while writing, though, was the callbacks to Empire Strikes Back.”

the-princess-and-the-scoundrel-social-feature-star-wars Image via Penguin Random House 

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So you might be asking yourself why this look is so connected to Return of the Jedi? The answer is that the novel takes place directly after the film ends. In our conversation with Revis, she went on to talk a bit about where the book takes us and where she pulled inspiration from. “The book picks up on the same night that Return of the Jedi ends, the smoke from the fires still lingering in the forest. I expected to draw a lot from Return of the Jedi, but many of the emotions pulled from Empire—Han being frozen in carbonite and losing a year that Leia lived became a crucial emotional touch point for them both,” she said. “I had to carry this dual timeline in my head, that Leia had a whole year alone with the knowledge of her love, that Han is still pretty freshly woken up from his time frozen by the time of the Battle of Endor.”

This dress is the perfect look into the love of Han and Leia and the way they would celebrate that love together. It’s exactly what I thought she’d wear, and it is everything that fans of Leia and Han should hope for. And having someone like Revis behind it just makes it that much better!

Check out the images down below and read the full article about the dress at Variety.