Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara: The £5m diadem worn by three royal brides – but broke for one

Speaking about the tiara with Kate, the Queen explained: “The catch, which I didn’t know existed, it suddenly went [gestures with her hands].

“And I didn’t know it was a necklace, you see…I thought I’d broken it…we stuck it all together again, but I was rather alarmed…”

In the book Garrard: The Crown Jewelers for 150 Years, it is said the Queen Mother calmed Elizabeth down by saying “We have two hours and there are other tiaras.”

But Elizabeth was determined and waited for Queen Mary’s Fringe to be repaired.

Elizabeth is not the only royal bride to wear this tiara – Princess Anne chose it for her wedding to Mark Phillips in 1973, again a loan from the Queen Mother.