Real Meanings Behind The Songs On Taylor Swift’s Speak Now Album

Our list looks at the Real Meaning Behind The Songs On Taylor Swift’s Speak Now LP. This is Taylor Swift’s third album. The album was released in 2010. Speak Now is about love, romance, heartbreak and her public image. The album has country and pop songs, which we will get into as we discuss the real meaning behind the songs on this album. The project sold one million copies in its first week in the United States. The album was number one for six weeks. Speak Now sold over six million copies in the United States. Taylor Swift won awards for this album. The album features the singles “Mine,” “Back to December,” “Mean,” “The Story of Us,” “Sparks Fly” and “Ours.” “Ours” was featured on her deluxe version of the album. “Mine” and “Back to December” peaked in the top 10 on the Hot 100 charts. “Sparks Fly” and “Ours” were number one on the country singles charts.

# 1 – Mine

The first song on our list of the Real Meaning Behind The Songs On Taylor Swift’s Speak Now LP is Mine. The song has a country, pop and rock sound. This song is the first single from the LP. “Mine” was about someone she had a crush on. The track is about what would have happened if she let her guard down. She tends to shy away from love and doesn’t want to stay in a relationship. She is afraid to fall in love because she’s seen many relationships break up. The track is about finding the one person that will make you change your beliefs about love.

The person will make you realize that the relationship could work after all. Taylor Swift wrote this song by herself. She doesn’t name the person she has a crush on in the song, but she hints that it could be about anyone that she has dated in the past. Swifties had their ideas about who this song is about. They thought the song was about actor Cory Monteith or Lucas Till. The song could also be about Toby Hemingway. Taylor Swift doesn’t name anyone on this song so her fans will get the chance to enjoy speculating who it’s about. The song made it to number three on the Hot 100 charts.

# 2 – Sparks Fly

The next song on our list of the Real Meaning Behind The Songs On Taylor Swift’s Speak Now LP is “Sparks Fly.” The song has a country and rock beat. This was the fifth single from the album. “Sparks Fly” is about a woman being tempted to get involved in a relationship that she shouldn’t pursue. She talks about being interested in a guy with green eyes. She wants him to kiss her in the rain as well as other places. She also wants him to take her somewhere private. She wants the guy to stop what he’s doing to meet with her. She knows she shouldn’t fall for him, but she can’t deny the chemistry they have between them. The “sparks fly” whenever they are around each other.

Taylor Swift says the song is fictional, but fans think it may be about country singer Jake Owen. She said she was obsessed with him at one point. There were rumors that she had a crush on Jake Owen when she opened up for him in concert. She worked on the song for years and was happy to see it come to light. The track made it to the Top 20 on the Hot 100 singles charts. The single peaked at number one on the country singles charts and sold over one million copies.

# 3 – Back To December

The song has a country and pop beat. “Back to December” was the second single from the album. The ballad is about the regret she felt for hurting someone she loved. This is an apology for the pain she caused someone she loved. She never apologized to someone in a song before. Taylor Swift usually writes about her ex-boyfriends and what they do to her. This time around she wanted to write an apology to an ex who was nice to her. She feels like nice guys deserve an apology. She dated a guy who was great to her, but she broke up with him. She wanted to apologize for everything she did. She’s filled with regret that she let someone go who meant so much to her. She wants to be forgiven for what she did to him.

Taylor Swift discusses how the relationship could have been special, but she threw it away. She talks about the last time she saw her ex. She goes into detail about a time when he gave her flowers, but she let them die. She wanted to go back in time and get the flowers. She shows her vulnerable side by talking about going back to December and changing the outcomes of her actions. She would change everything she did wrong in the relationship. Unfortunately, it’s too late for her to change what happened. The song reached number six on the charts and sold over two million copies.

# 4 – Speak Now

The song has a country and pop sound. The track is about her interrupting a wedding so she could win back an ex-lover. Taylor Swift was inspired to write this song when one of her friends’ ex-boyfriends married someone else. Her friend broke up with the boyfriend hoping they would get back together one day. The friend found out that he was getting married and she wanted to stop the wedding. Her ex’s fiancée was an evil person. She didn’t want him to talk to his friends or his family. She wanted to have him all to herself. Taylor Swift asked the friend If she would interrupt the wedding. The friend ended up doing just that. She interrupted the wedding.

Taylor Swift wanted listeners to learn how hard it is to watch someone you love move on and marry someone else. Taylor Swift had a dream that one of her ex-boyfriends married someone else. It made her want to write a song about interrupting the wedding. She felt it was okay to interrupt the wedding because the fiancée was evil in her mind. The singer explained that the title is a metaphor for her to say how she felt or keep it to herself forever. She had to say what she was feeling or deal with the consequences for the rest of her life. The song debuted at number eight on the Hot 100 charts. “Speak Now” was her sixth song to reach the Top 10. The single sold over 500,000 copies.

# 5 – Dear John

The next song on our list of the Real Meaning Behind The Songs On Taylor Swift’s Speak Now LP is ‘Dear John.” The song has a country, pop and blues sound. “Dear John” is a song about a young girl who accuses an older man of manipulating her. He played mind games with her. People write “Dear John” letters to express how you feel when a person ends a relationship. The “John” she’s talking about in the song looks bad on this track. She is very bitter on this track. She wants the fans to know how much the man in her life hurt her. She felt like he took advantage of her while they were together.

People speculated that the song is about singer John Mayer. He also thought the song was about him. They dated each other and he’s 12 years older than her. He didn’t appreciate how she wrote a song about him. He didn’t know how much he meant to her until he heard this song. He ended up writing a song about her. The singer never said the song was about him. She thought it was arrogant of him to think the song was about him.

# 6 – Mean

The song has a country sound. The song was the third song from the album. This track is about Taylor Swift being aware of her shortcomings. She talks about overcoming the pain of people criticizing her. She also talks about being ridiculed by an enemy. Taylor Swift was inspired to write this song because of the critics. She accepted criticism that was constructive, but mean criticism bothered her. She felt that there was a line that you shouldn’t cross when you are criticizing people. This song was written when a critic insulted Taylor Swift’s voice at an awards show in 2010. The critic said her voice was weak. She was taken aback by some of the things the critic said about her. She realized that she didn’t have thick enough skin to deal with the harsh words that were said about her.

Taylor Swift let her naysayers know that she was aware of their criticism of her. She vowed to be successful so their words wouldn’t hurt her anymore. She said she would be living in a big city while the critic would be drinking somewhere. The song’s lyrics can also be a nod to bullying since she talks about being humiliated by the critic who insulted her. The song went on to win awards.

# 7 – The Story of Us

The song has a pop and dance beat. This is the fourth single from Speak Now. The song is about the weird feeling between ex-lovers. The singer was inspired to write this song when she ran into an ex-boyfriend at an awards show. She wanted to talk to him when she saw him but she couldn’t do it because it felt awkward for her. They tried to ignore each other while they were near each other. She approaches each verse as if they were chapters from a book. She wanted to approach him, but she couldn’t do it. She talked about how they argued and said what they wanted to say to each other when they broke up. They had an awkward encounter when they saw each other again.

They acted like they didn’t notice each other even though they were aware that they were near each other. They had to fight with themselves silently because they knew they wanted to speak to each other. Taylor Swift explained that she felt alone even though she was in a crowded room. People thought this song was about John Mayer because they were at an awards show together. She only said that this song and “Dear John” were about the same person. The song just missed the Top 40 on the charts, but it managed to go on to sell over one million copies.

# 8 – Never Grow Up

The track has a country beat. The ballad is about her moving out of her parents’ home. She didn’t want to grow up. Taylor Swift wasn’t sure how she felt about growing up. She explains how she isn’t quite sure how she feels about growing up. She feels alone in her apartment. She talks about her life in stages. She starts off talking about when she was young and wanted to grow up so she could make her own decisions. She also talks about being rushed into adulthood. Taylor Swift discusses buying her own house. She experiences the coldness of living by herself so she didn’t want to live alone. She thinks about the days when she was growing up with her family. She wanted to go back to the days when she was with her family.

Taylor Swift wanted to write this song to anyone who wanted to move out and how it feels leaving your family. She talked about how complex it is to be an adult. She wanted to write a song about little girls who think about wanting to grow up quickly. They want to be older when they are younger and want to be younger when they are older. The situation is a Catch-22. Taylor Swift wanted listeners to hear about both sides of growing up.

# 9 – Enchanted

The song has a country and pop beat. The power ballad is about how you feel when you meet someone for the first time. She was scared that he didn’t feel the same way she did. She was attracted to someone she didn’t really know. She wants to know if they are going to get together. Taylor Swift said she was excited to meet the guy in New York City. They exchanged emails, but she didn’t meet him yet. She finally got her chance to meet him. When she met him, she hoped he wasn’t involved with someone. She found herself wondering if she would ever see him again.

There was speculation that “Enchanted” is about singer Adam Young. She told people that this song was for him and about their brief encounter with each other. She knew he would figure out that the song was about him because she used the word “wonderstruck.” She wanted him to know that she left a clue for him in the song. Adam Young assumed the song was about him so he wrote his own version of the song. He wrote a song with the same title as a response to her song. The song reached number nine on the country streaming charts. The song sold over 500,000 copies.

# 10 – Better Than Revenge

The next song on our list of the Real Meaning Behind The Songs On Taylor Swift’s Speak Now LP is “Better Than Revenge.” The song has a pop and punk sound. The track is about a girl who wanted to get revenge on the girl who went after her boyfriend. Her rival is an actress who was only known for doing things in the bed. This is a bitter song, but this one is aimed at the female. She usually writes bitter songs about the guys who scorn her. The lyrics to this song are just as bitter as the ones she wrote for our previous “Dear John.” Taylor Swift starts the song talking about how she was with her boyfriend during the summer.

She informs the girl that there’s nothing she does better than getting revenge. Taylor Swift had clues along the way about who she’s referring to in this song. She dated singer Joe Jonas in the summer of 2008. He met actress Camilla Belle when she appeared in the Jonas Brothers’ video. Taylor Swift was very descriptive about her disgust for the woman who ended up with her boyfriend. Joe Jonas recorded a song that could have been about Taylor Swift and Camilla Belle. Taylor Swift is bitter on this track, but she didn’t reveal who the person was who took her boyfriend. Swifties will have to continue to speculate on who she’s referring to on this track.

# 11 – Innocent

The track has a pop beat. “Innocent” is about someone who has lost his path in life. She thinks a guy who has done something wrong is capable of redeeming himself. She refers to the guy as “innocent.  Taylor Swift felt like she had to write a song to rapper Kanye West. Fans wanted her to write a song about what he did to her so she could talk about what happened. She wanted to be sympathetic towards Kanye West after the public scrutiny he received when he crashed her acceptance speech years ago. She could have been bitter, but she chose not to go that route.

Taylor Swift didn’t want to be a victim after what Kanye West did to her. She wanted to show the fans that she was the bigger person. She said that he was still growing up instead of putting him down. She wanted to put herself in a mature light. She didn’t want to take jabs at him in the song. She wanted to come from a nurturing place. It took her a while to write this song about the situation. She can usually write a song in less than an hour, but this song took her months to write because she had to process everything that happened to her. The track allowed her to put herself in someone else’s position.

# 12 – Haunted

This track has a country and pop beat. “Haunted” is a song about a relationship that you feel is about to end. She talks about how it feels to know you are losing someone, but you don’t know what you’re going to do about it. You are lost and feel helpless to stop the love you have from fading away. She explains how it feels to sit by the phone waiting to hear from him. You are wondering if he’s going to tell you that your relationship is over because you can tell he doesn’t love you anymore. She talks about how hard it is to deal with it because he’s not in love with you anymore, but you try to tell yourself that the relationship isn’t done.

Taylor Swift wrote this ballad because she wanted to showcase the intense emotions you feel when you know your relationship is about to end. This is something that the singer went through with a previous relationship. She didn’t want the relationship to end, but he broke her heart. She woke up in the middle of the night and decided to write this track. This song is about a combination of her past relationships.

# 13 – Last Kiss

The song has a country sound. The song is about the way you feel after you break up with someone. She discusses the different things you go through when your relationship ends. You go through anger and sadness. She missed the guy she was seeing even though the relationship was over. She realizes that she misses all of the things that used to irritate her about him. She had to realize that she didn’t know what she had until it was gone. She informs the listeners about everything that happened during her relationship. She discusses what she misses about him now that he’s out of her life.

Swifties love to speculate about the subject of her songs. Some of her fans thought the song was about Joe Jonas because she made reference to flying to see him. She went out to see him in concert. She rarely reveals the identity of the people in her songs. She does seem to be talking about her first love on this track. She covered all of the feelings she had while she was with him. She wanted listeners to take away that people deal with all types of emotions when they lose someone they love. Breaking up is very hard and you have to go through the process of anger and sadness to get through it.

# 14 – Long Live

The last song on our list of the Real Meaning Behind The Songs On Taylor Swift’s Speak Now LP is “Long Live.” The song has a rock beat. “Long Live” is a tribute to everyone who helped her along the way. She wanted to write a dedication to her band, producers and her fans. She is grateful to everyone who helped her along the way. She talks about what she went through when she started her career and everything that led up to where she is now. She wanted to celebrate moments with her fans. She knows that her success will fade away at some point, but she wants to thank everyone for what they did for her.

Taylor Swift wrote the lyrics in a way that it could be an uplifting song for other people. She used different imagery to describe her gratitude for everyone who helped her along the way. She is happy for her success, but she’s realistic enough to know that it can come to an end at any time. This song is like taking a journey into her life and how she became the person she is now.

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