Reddit bride asks internet for advice after ‘betrayal’ by ‘jealous’ bridesmaid

A woman’s plans for her wedding day have derailed after a friend and fellow bride-to-be started copying her ideas and aesthetics for her own wedding.

A Reddit user has shared a screenshot of the original post to the platform, describing the bride’s awkward situation.

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“There’s a group of friends of 15 plus years,” she wrote.

“To this point, we have all been very supportive of each other’s wedding as we are all due to get married within the next three years and we are bridesmaids for each other.

“Recently, there’s been one person from the group, who, we have noticed, has tried to steer us away from getting specific items, for example, getting a pair of shoes, jewellery, wedding flowers, colour scheme, even wedding bands.

“Then (she) went out and got them herself without saying anything. We all feel very betrayed.”

A woman’s plans for her wedding day have derailed after a friend and fellow bride-to-be started copying her ideas and aesthetics for her own wedding. Stock image. Credit: Michael Blann/Getty Images

The author of the post said she had had her dress for quite some time, and bought a veil and jewellery to match the gown.

But that didn’t stop this “copycat” bride from using those ideas too.

“The same individual went behind my back two weeks later and got the same veil, even when she decided she categorically didn’t want a veil or headpiece.

“The same individual, the same week, went and bought the same jewellery.

“I feel let down, she didn’t even have the decency to say, ‘Would you mind if I got the same/similar’… I expected more. Am I being unreasonable?”

Reddit users took to the comments to give advice to the bride-to-be on how to deal with her friend taking her ideas.

“She needs to put that friend on an information diet. If someone is copying you, stop telling them what you are doing,” one suggested.

“No, you’re not being ‘unreasonable’ for having that resentment towards your ‘friend’. She’s being deliberately antagonistic,” another wrote.

“I feel it’s kind of weird her friend is doing that but maybe it’s better they all just plan their weddings separately so they avoid feeling like they stole each other’s idea,” said a third.

Kate Hudson, left, and Anne Hathaway in a scene from Bride Wars. Credit: Claire Folger/AP

Some commenters suggested a different route to deal with the thieving bride.

“Strong smell of jealousy… I would play with her head a little and say you changed them for something else… something really ugly so she changes her mind too and goes to get them instead lol,” said one person

“I would start picking some ugly s*** out ASAP,” another said.

“Why is everyone telegraphing her their information? Give her false details and she’ll go spend her money on stupid s***. Quit being suckers, ladies,” said another.

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