Redditors slam a ‘disaster’ wedding cake made for a bride who was told the baker was a professional

Bride-to-be left devastated with ‘professional’ wedding cake but her mum insists it’s ‘perfect’ – and it’s not the only disaster plaguing her big day

  • A bride has been left shocked at the ‘disaster’ cake made for her wedding
  • Her mum ‘pressured’ her into hiring her ‘professional baker’ friend for the job 
  • She received an image of a trail cake and was disappointed with the result
  • Her mum had lied and the woman was not a professional but baked as a hobby
  • The bride had to spend $500 ordering a ‘last minute’ cake from another baker

A bride has shared her shock at the ‘disaster’ cake her mum’s ‘professional baker’ friend made for her wedding.

The Katoomba woman said her mother ‘pressured’ her into getting the cake from her friend who she said was a pro-baker.

She ordered a ‘two-tiered naked cake’ but was devastated when she saw the ‘crumbling atrocity’ that was made.

She later found out the friend only baked as a hobby and ended up forking out $500 last minute for another dessert on top of a string of other disasters surrounding her special day.  

A bride-to-be has shared her outrage after seeing the trail cake her mum’s friend is planning to make for her upcoming wedding

‘My mum pressured me to get my cake made by her friend, who is apparently a professional baker. They just sent me this photo of the trial. Suffice to say it’s not what I ordered,’ the newlywed said in a post to Reddit. 

She showed the image she was sent of the poorly iced cake with no decorations. 

‘I managed to get my mum to admit that her friend isn’t really a professional – this is literally boxed cake mix and premade icing. She thinks it’ll look fine when we add flowers,’ the stressed-out bride added. 

Her mum confessed she had lied and said her friend had only previously made ‘a few cakes for her grandkids’. 

Hundreds took to the comments to express their outrage at the shoddy cake job with one calling it a ‘monstrosity’. 

‘Run, don’t walk, to your nearest bakery and order a wedding cake because this…this ain’t it,’ they wrote. 

‘What in fresh baking hell is this! Thank god you got the trial so that you didn’t get three tiers of whatever this is on your wedding day,’ a second said. 

The cake is one of many mishaps the bride is dealing with as her nuptials near. She had to make 'drastic alterations' to her dress and her dad was injured in an accident so may not make it

The cake is one of many mishaps the bride is dealing with as her nuptials near. She had to make ‘drastic alterations’ to her dress and her dad was injured in an accident so may not make it

‘I’ve tried my hand at decorating and I’m not good at it. And even I can make it look better than that. That’s appalling,’ a third added.

The bride said her mum is ‘doubling down’ insisting the cake will look good but she is searching for alternative options. 

‘I’m glad we can have a bit of a laugh about it, but to be honest I’m kind of freaking out,’ she said. 

‘I’m going to call around a bunch of bakeries today to work out what to do – I haven’t replied to my mum who sent me the photo because I can’t think of anything to say other than ‘wtf’.’


Should the bride have stuck with her mum’s friend’s cake?

  • Yes, just add some flowers 35 votes
  • No, find a new baker 412 votes

The cake disaster is one of many mishaps the distressed wife-to-be is dealing with as her nuptials near. 

She has also had to make ‘drastic alterations’ to her dress last minute, her dad has been injured in an accident and may not make the day and asbestos was found at the planned ceremony site. 

On top of this, some of the wedding planner’s decorations have not arrived, her ‘anti-vax aunties’ are threatening to gatecrash and ‘torrential rain’ has been forecast on the day. 

‘I just got word that the smoking ceremony/welcome to country I had planned for the morning of my wedding will have to be cancelled or shifted to another, less personally special location, because someone decided to dump asbestos in the creek,’ she added. 

‘I paid $500 for a rush order cake and more than my dress was even worth in alterations, I’ve had to call off plans and update relatives with an ever changing itinerary, but this has truly destroyed me. If you’re thinking of just eloping, just elope.’

Redditors have sent the woman hundreds of comments of support after she said she may cancel the day if her dad can’t be there.