Rent artificial flowers for your wedding and save money

Instead of your grandmother’s earrings, consider making the wedding flowers your “something borrowed.”

Nationwide, the average cost for wedding florals hovers around $3,500, but with rented artificial flowers, that price drops to just $500, said Lauren Bercier, 36, co-founder and owner of, a rent-and-return premium silk flower rental service based in Lafayette, LA.

Bercier, formerly in p.r., and her cousin Laken Swan, 34, who worked in marketing, were inspired to launch their online business in 2015. Bercier admired the high-end fashion clothing rental concept of, and saw a way to apply the concept to another industry.

“Our target customer is a modern couple who is doing the majority of their wedding planning on their own,” she said. “They are budget-conscious and more aware of how they’re spending. Fresh flowers often end up in the trash at the end of the night, which is backwards and wasteful. We offer the convenience of online ordering and a way to not just consume and dispose of items but have the opportunity to reuse things.”

Recent reports of a nationwide flower shortage are likely to heighten demand for this rental service from cost-conscious brides. It’s also lighter on the environment.

“Most wedding flowers are sourced from the Netherlands, Colombia, Ecuador and Kenya and shipped in refrigerated containers and stored in temperature-controlled environments,” said Bercier. Plus, “our blooms get dozens of uses a year — up to 26 uses per year to be exact.”

The site offers a “bloom styling quiz” questioning your color and style sense.baili elizabeth photography

Not to mention that a favorite flower will never be out of season, nor will bouquets and displays wilt in extreme temperatures.

Couples can order from a full line of bouquets, boutonnieres and decor items including candlesticks, votives, garlands by the linear foot, lanterns and newly launched grand floral centerpieces as focal points.

“You can elevate it to a 5-foot-tall floral installation, which costs $120 on average,” said Bercier.

Something Borrowed BloomsLauren Bercier and her cousin Laken Swan were inspired to launch their online business in 2015.Kali Norton Photography & Design

Bercier is committed to investing in the highest-quality flowers available.

“You’re not getting basic craft flowers from a local store,” said Bercier. “We go to market twice annually to source new stems for a new collection.”

The company employs a team of florists helmed by a creative director with a background in wedding dress and floral design, as well as a fastidious production team.

Something Borrowed BloomsBrides are able to purchase their bouquet as a keepsake if they wish.Laura Gordon Photography.

For 2022, they are on top of what’s trending.

“Last year, color took center stage, which will continue,” she said. “After being home for over 18 months due to COVID, people are open to going outside of the box. They have an opportunity to do something fun and extreme and we’re seeing it in wedding floral trends. Our recently launched Nina collection, with a warm, western canyon sunset-color palette, immediately took off.”

Later this month, the Bianca collection drops, laden with earthy neutrals and a classic and romantic vibe, said Bercier.

An average three-to-four month advance booking window for blooms is advisable, said Bercier, however, “Customers can place an order up until 30 days before their event date.” After that, customer service will suggest items in stock to ship.

Something Borrowed BloomsCouples can order from a full line of bouquets, boutonnieres and decor items.Laura Gordon Photography.

Typically, flowers are delivered three days before the wedding date, and are expected to be returned on the following business day.

For brides who don’t know where to start, the site offers a “bloom styling quiz” questioning your color and style sense, guest count and information about the big day.

“Based on feedback, our system provides a curated, custom cart with all items you’ll need to meet your desired wedding theme,” said Bercier.

Live styling sessions with a florist are also available with free 15-minute virtual appointments. You can also order preview packs of florals for $40 a pop.

Something Borrowed BloomsReports of a nationwide flower shortage are likely to heighten demand for this rental service.Laura Gordon Photography

“Two products can be ordered to give a good overall view of the collection, so you know what to expect of the look, feel and color quality,” said Bercier.

If brides wish to purchase their bouquet as a keepsake, “We’ll create a brand new one that’s never been used before. It costs around $200, as opposed to the rental price of $65,” said Bercier.

This year, her company is poised to capture one percent of the $6.2 billion US wedding flower market.

“We plan to expand our product line to home, bridal showers, baby showers and corporate events,” Bercier said. “It’s a more sustainable, eco-conscious choice and huge opportunity for us.”