‘Revolting’ couple slammed for 9/11 themed wedding which even had the twin towers on the invites

A COUPLE have been slammed as “revolting” after hosting a 9/11 themed wedding – and including the twin towers on the invites.

A snap of the couple’s crass invitations was shared on Reddit where it has prompted outrage among users.


A couple have been slammed as “revolting” for their 9/11 themed weddingCredit: Reddit

The save the dates were printed with the words “Never Forget” followed by the date which was the 11th September 2021 – with the ‘11’ formed out of silhouettes of the World Trade Centre.

Captioning their post on Reddit, the horrified guest who attended the nuptials wrote: “This couple thought the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 was a great theme for their wedding.”

Fellow Redditors were disgusted by the bride and groom’s ‘theme’, sharing their horror in the comments.

One wrote: “This is, without a doubt, the most trashy, tasteless, self-aggrandizing, obscene, revolting thing I’ve seen on the internet.”

“Straight up disgusting,” agreed another, while a third added, “I don’t think getting married on 9/11 is inherently insensitive, but making your wedding 9/11 themed definitely is.”

The photo was shared on the subreddit r/weddingshaming.

The group has almost 2.5 million members and is described as a “place to shame wedding themes, brides, grooms, wedding party, in-laws, outlaws, guests, Uncle Bob, vendors… you name it, we shame it!”

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