Rick Leventhal says daughter’s wedding snub has nothing to do with Kelly Dodd

Rick Leventhal says his marriage to Kelly Dodd has nothing to do with why he wasn’t invited to daughter Veronica Leventhal’s wedding.

“My issues with my eldest daughter go back years. This isn’t about Kelly,” Rick, 62, wrote in an Instagram comment, after a fan asked why he wasn’t in attendance.

“If & when my daughter is ready to apologize and talk to me, we will work on repairing our relationship,” he continued. “In the meantime she can live the rest of her life knowing she excluded me (& my wife) from her wedding. This is on my daughter, not Kelly.”

A photo of Veronica Leventhal, Rick Leventhal, and Kelly Dodd posing for Rick Leventhal said his daughter’s decision to not invite him to her wedding had nothing to do with wife Kelly Dodd.kellyddodd/Instagram

In a statement to Page Six, Rick said he’s “sure” most people “can identify with having problems within their own family.”

“My issues with my oldest daughter have been going on for many years. It’s unfortunate it’s come to this. I’m not going to detail all that’s transpired, but I will say the lines of communication were always open,” the statement continued.

“She chose not to call and we believe didn’t invite me and Kelly to her wedding to hurt us. She’s a grown woman and will have to live with her decision. We wish her the best.”

Rick Leventhal and Kelly Dodd posing for a photo together“This is on my daughter, not Kelly,” Rick wrote in an Instagram comment.Getty Images for DailyMail.com

Rick’s statement comes after several fans asked “The Real Housewives of Orange County” alum and the former Fox News reporter why they weren’t invited to see Veronica, 31, marry Will Greszes on Saturday.

Dodd, 46, also addressed her fans, dubbing her step-daughter “evil” and a “narcissistic spoiled brat.”

“Who doesn’t invite their own Dad to their wedding?” she tweeted on Monday. “Everyone knows she’s a narcissistic spoiled brat ! [My daughter] Jolie and my friends hate her. Ricks friends hate her as well !! Always two sides to a story !”

Kelly Dodd and Rick Leventhal walking Dodd urged fans to remember there are two sides to every story.GC Images

The former reality star added in other tweets that Veronica is “evil,” claiming she called her grandfather a “little bitch,” left her dad “high and dry” even yelled at 15-year-old Jolie.

Dodd then went on Instagram Live where she explained how Veronica was initially a “big fan” of hers. However, things allegedly took a turn after Veronica publicly started talking poorly about Dodd.

Kelly Dodd talking on an Instagram Live on Monday“Rick is terribly hurt by this and she did it out of spite and it’s just sad,” the “RHOC” alum said in an Instagram Live.kellyddodd/Instagram

“I had nothing to do with this,” Dodd reiterated. “She went and got married and i wish her the best … Rick is terribly hurt by this and she did it out of spite and it’s just sad.”

The “The Rick & Kelly Show” podcast hosts began dating in August 2019, with Dodd confirming their engagement in November of that year. The couple wed in matching black outfits in October 2020.