Romantic proposal spots in Sacramento, per wedding pros

For some lucky people, Valentine’s Day is more than a date night, a box of chocolates and flowers. It’s a start of a new beginning and a sparkly engagement ring.

According to WeddingWire, an extensive wedding directory, the holiday became the most popular day to get engaged in 2021, taking the top seat from Christmas Day.

For those planning to pop the question to their significant other in Sacramento this Valentine’s Day, the city has some romantic and scenic spots that will surely make the night even more memorable.

Propose at sunset by the Delta King in Old Sacramento

On the Sacramento Riverfront, the Delta King is the city’s historic paddle-wheel riverboat.

“Proposing by the Delta King on the river is romantic on [its] own,” said Mae Mallon of Beyond Smitten Events, a wedding planning company based in Sacramento, “but proposing on the river during a beautiful Sacramento sunset makes it even more romantic!”

Mallon added that the Tower Bridge is visible by the Delta King, making a beautiful backdrop for the proposal.

JV SACRAMENTO SKYLINE 2 The Delta King, foreground left, has become a fixture of the waterfront in Old Sacramento. Jose Luis Villegas Sacramento Bee file

Have an intimate afternoon at the Crocker Art Museum

The Crocker Art Museum on O street is known for its collection of California art, European drawings and international ceramics. For lovers of fine art or those that aren’t into the outdoors, the museum is a great place to ask the big question.

“The exhibits add to the romance of the proposal and you can typically find a quiet corner together,” Mallon said.

However, the museum is only open Wednesday through Sunday, which means you might need to move your Valentine’s Day proposal a few days before or after, since the day of love lands on a Monday this year.

Architecture_Tour_by_Yasmin_West_8_21_11_03 Crocker Art Museum Yasmin West Yasmin West

Take a stroll through Midtown’s murals

Colorful murals bring midtown and downtown streets to life in Sacramento. Kristina Robinson of Dee and Kris Photography based in Sacramento, said the murals are a great background for proposal pictures.

“It’s really nice because it does have a pop of color behind the subject, behind whoever you’re photographing,” Robinson said.

You can find your special mural by visiting one of the many artworks created as a part of Sacramento’s Wide Open Walls Festival. There’s also a catalog of murals in Sacramento and their locations on

“A lot of our couples who want to do mural walks, they really want to celebrate other artists and have that as a part of their story,” Robinson said. “And I think that’s really neat.”

buynothing mural.jpg Artist Jolene Rose Russell needed supplies to paint this mural in midtown Sacramento, and community members came together to help through the Buy Nothing Midtown Sacramento and Beyond group on Facebook. Jolene Rose Russell

Have a local touch at the Tower Bridge

If Sacramento has a special place in your or your partner’s relationship, consider proposing at the Tower Bridge.

“I find when people want to be photographed in front of the Tower Bridge, it’s really to symbolize the Sacramento Valley and maybe some history that they have with the town of Sacramento,” Robinson said.

13_towerbridge.JPG The sun sets near the Tower Bridge in downtown Sacramento. Daniel Kim

Walk the waterfront access at Lake Natoma in Folsom

Lake Natoma is a “one of the gems” in Folsom. The delta breeze, calm and cool waters and natural sights make for a serene backdrop to a proposal.

“I love how peaceful it is on the trails in Lake Natoma,” Mallon said. “The scenic view can’t be beat for popping the question.”

HA2_6382 Katy Giudicessi, of Citrus Heights prepares to take a jump inside Lake Natoma in Folsom on Friday, June 3, 2016. Hector Amezcua Sacramento Bee File

Pose at the “Heart Arch” at the Old Sacramento Waterfront

The Valentine’s Heart Arch is back at the Old Sacramento Waterfront. Created by local artist Alyse Porzio, the 10-foot installation features hundreds of flowers in the shape of a heart.

The Arch is situated on the Embarcadero and will be up for the entire month of February.

SAC_xm0213heart.jpg John and Marianne Dayton of Elk Grove kiss under a new Valentine’s Day-themed art piece Saturday, Feb. 13, 2021, at the Embarcadero at the Old Sacramento Waterfront. “He’s a truck driver, so he’s only home one-and-a-half days during the week.” Marianne said, “Every weekend we try to get out, do something.” Local artist Alyse Porzio of Steadfast Craft decorated the temporary 10-foot piece “Heart Arch” with hundreds of flowers for people to surround people. Xavier Mascarenas

How to pick the right photographer for your special day

Your engagement is an important day for you and your partner, so make sure you choose the right person to capture these moments.

Robinson recommends that you choose a photographer that you trust will photograph you in a way that you want to be portrayed. It also helps to have a photographer that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

“I think that’s really important that you trust your photographer. That you guys can work together and they can pose you but also they can draw out emotion and they can draw out who you are as a couple and the connection that you two share together,” she said.

You should also think about how you want to use your photographs. Robinson said if you plan on printing pictures to make an album, you should look for a photographer that values printing.

She added that you should have a conversation with your photographer because each artist will have different ways of delivering their media.

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