Russian Doll’s Charlie Barnett engaged, shares wedding plans

Charlie Barnett is getting hitched in Wyoming.

The “Russian Doll” star told Page Six exclusively at the Season 2 premiere Tuesday that he is engaged to set designer Drew Binder.

“I worked on a ranch for many summers while I was at school at Juilliard,” Barnett, 34, explained of why they chose the Wild West wedding location. “It was a nice outlet from doing all this mental work, and I just needed to do something physical — build a fence, wrangle.

“I’m from Florida, so I learned a lot. I got really educated on black cowboys, specifically female black cowboys, cowpeople? I don’t know how to say it,” he said with a laugh. “There’s a deep, rich history, especially in Wyoming and Montana, lot of runaway slaves, but we don’t talk about them.”

Barnett conceded he is the bridezilla of the pair, but they are both “very chill people.”

“Wyoming is a difficult place to find things. That’s where I’ve been a bridezilla,” he shared. “Like, where the f–k do I find a porta potty in the vicinity of Salt Lake City? I don’t want to have to ship it.”

Natasha Lyonne and Charlie Barnett.Barnett stars in “Russian doll” with Natasha Lyonne.Getty Images for Netflix

The “Chicago Fire” alum revealed that he and his “husband soon-to-be” do not have to worry about a wedding cake because they are “having pies” instead.

“It’s a higher altitude, so it’s hard to bake cakes up there,” he said, adding that the ceremony is “going to be very bohemian” with friends and family staying in cabins or RVs.

Barnett stars in “Russian Doll” opposite Natasha Lyonne. The first season of the series saw the two of them caught in a mysterious loop as they both die and awaken the next day unharmed. The even trippier second season began streaming Wednesday on Netflix.