‘Salesman’ celebrations conclude with wedding of cast member

The blockbuster Broadway revival of “Death of a Salesman” is ending with a string of well-deserved celebrations for the cast — including the wedding for one of its stand-out stars, McKinley Belcher III, to longtime boyfriend Blake Fox.

We’re told stage veteran André De Shields — who gave an unforgettable turn as Ben Loman, the uncle to Belcher character, Happy Loman — will officiate the nups.

We hear the newlywed actor is then heading off to Budapest — not for a honeymoon but to shoot a TV show.

McKinley has also appeared in Netflix’s “Ozark” and Showtime’s “Good Lord Bird.” Fox is a visual artist and photographer, who also works in education at the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas.

“I couldn’t be more honored and proud to be marching toward the end of this historic production’s  journey on Broadway,” Belcher told Page Six, “These people are my family, and the end of this journey will mark a very special beginning for me and my fiancé, Blake.

McKinley and his longtime boyfriend Blake Fox. McKinley and his longtime boyfriend Blake Fox. mckinleybcubed/Instagram

McKinleyMcKinley has also appeared in Netflix’s “Ozark” and Showtime’s “Good Lord Bird.”Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

André will be officiating our wedding Tuesday, [co-star Sharon D. Clarke] will be by my side and all the Loman family will be there. The bonds we’ve built run deep, and that is a gift that keeps giving. I’ll never forget this moment. It is a dream come true!”

Meanwhile, the show also feted De Shields’ 77th birthday on stage at the curtain call with a giant 24-layer Chocolate cake from The Strip House. Star Wendell Pierce lead the audience in singing happy birthday.

As part of the last hurrah, Pierce and Clarke received their caricatures from Sardi’s and will join the famed celebrity-filled walls at the theater spot.

Belcher will be heading to Budapest to shoot a TV show following the wedding.Getty Images

 McKinley and Fox'Actor André De Shields will officiate McKinley and Fox’s wedding.mckinleybcubed/Instagram

The cast are also backstage visits from Al Roker, Oscar Isaac and Alec Baldwin during the final performances, and there will be a big closing bash at Bond 45 hosted by the producers.

If the salesman wasn’t already dead, he will be after all that.

The show opening in October last year at the Hudson Theater. It closes on Sunday.