Say Yes to the Dress 2023 release date and air time 

A brand new season of fan favorite show Say Yes to the Dress awaits. Season 22 of the reality series is set to premiere on Saturday, February 4, 2023, at 8 pm ET on TLC. Bridal fashion designer Randy Fenoni and his beloved team are back to provide more visually appealing and emotional stories for viewers as they design beautiful dresses and gowns for brides to wear on the most special day of their lives.

Randy and the Kleinfeld consultants have viewers hooked to television screens over the past few years on Say Yes to the Dress as they have brought some emotional and heart-warming stories to light. They give brides the look they deserve, which also calms their nerves regarding wedding planning. Finding a dress might be one of the most taxing things that a bride has to go through during the wedding process, and Randy and the team are here to save the day.

The official synopsis of the show reads:

“More than 250 professionals work to make each bride’s experience inside Kleinfeld Bridal unforgettable in this show that is part bridal story, part fashion makeover and part family therapy session.”

What to expect from Say Yes to the Dresss 2023?

Say Yes to the Dress is set to feature Randy and his team of consultants at Kleinfield Bridal. Each episode will feature stories of brides looking for the perfect dress to wear on their wedding day, with the designers creating beautiful looks for the brides to eventually “say yes to the dress.” The upcoming installment will feature more heartwarming stories and elevated designs from the team.


Randy and the team haven’t shied away from changing with time. Their service has only gotten better over the past few years, with the team taking into consideration ever evolving fashion styles. Kleinfield Bridal has been on the wedding fashion scene for over seven decades, which is a testament to their success and designs. Thousands of brides have visited the store and gotten their dream wedding dresses.

Say Yes to the Dress 2023 will have the Kleinfield team tackle different kinds of brides, many of whom have dreamt of their wedding dresses since they were young. The team will be seen tackling panicked and indecisive brides, family members and entourages with their own opinions to give.

They will also be seen designing a wedding dress for a woman despite the fact that she is single. With such high demand, the bridal designer and his team of consultants will ensure they only give it their all.

The Say Yes to the Dress team will also have to navigate many tough situations throughout the course of the season. Everyone in the bride’s family will have an opinion on the dress and the consultants will have to satisfy everyone. In one of the episodes, a customer will demand a dress that shows more skin, contrary to her grandmother who wants it all covered. Randy and the team will have to decide on a compromise to get the best possible outcome.

Another bride, Amanda, will be seen returning to Kleinfeld looking for another wedding dress after her husband disapproved of her first pick. Meanwhile, another client by the name of Red reportedly brought a “just in case” dress from another salon but is dissatisfied and “doesn’t want to settle.”

Say Yes to the Dress will also feature family members with opinions who will be seen wanting to make several changes to the dress at the last minute for their brides. Randy and the team will also be seen reflecting on their journey and will be joined by several former cast members who will share their journey with Kleifeld Bridal.

Say Yes to the Dress has been extremely popular amongst the audience. The show has been a success in the past few years and with a brand new season, Randy and the team will bring out more unforgettable memories for both their brides and viewers. With a huge amount of demand from all sides of the family, will Kleinfeld Bridal be able to pull it off? Only time will tell.

Don’t forget to tune in to the season premiere of Say Yes to the Dress this Saturday, February 4, 2023, at 8 pm ET on TLC.

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