Say Yes To The Dress Season 21: Release date, Cast, and All You Need To Know

“Say Yes To The Dress” is an American reality TV series broadcasted on TLC on October 12, 2007. It revolves around Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan. The series displays the development of personal sales assistants, administrators, and constructors at the shop, alongside a bride-to-be as they hunt for that perfect wedlock dress. 

The show also includes overpowering guidance of pals and family members, the fitting of the “perfect dress” to encourage a bride to withstand a personal problem, battling with weight and body impression difficulties, and the financial constraint of not going over the budget while looking for dresses by Kleinfeld’s exclusive designer, Pnina Tornai. Wedding dresses are being sold for around $1000-$40,000 on the show.

Throughout the seasons, we’re understood that searching for that very perfect dress and getting married is more complex and sentimental that one can ever picture in their head. Brides effort to satisfy their own objectives and expectations and many times their family as well. There are huge budgets and huge risks. Everyone is onto one definite goal, however, to reach there is a once in a lifetime experience for every bride-to-be who enters the door.

Fans of the show who have been watching the show since the beginning are earnestly awaiting another season of the famous reality show “Say Yes To The Dress.” Without wasting any more time, let’s get on with the deets about season 21 of the show.

Currently, the show is yet to be renewed by TLC and so far there has been no word concerning the twentieth season but considering the show’s popularity, ratings, and viewerships fans need not lose hope as the famous reality show will surely return with another season with a bang.

The TLC reality tv show has 20 seasons so far with overall episodes of 305. The twentieth season was released on July 17, 2021, and as per IMDb, it was very different compared to the past seasons. Season 20 displayed Kleinfeld resuming the show with a virtual experience to maintain the safety protocol of their clients since it happened during the time of major pandemic breakout. 

The synopsis for season 20 on PopCulture reads: “This season, the brides arrive with a renewed energy and fresh set of challenges like a blind bride trying to find her perfect silhouette, a throuple with two brides sharing a budget, and a virtual bride having second thoughts on her pandemic purchase. But some familiar challenges like last minute shopping, over-the-top requests, outspoken entourages, and one very picky former dance mom still test the team. And in a special episode, Randy’s former on-set assistant gives us a peek behind the curtain as she searches for her own wedding dress.”

As for the release date for Season 21, nothing has been confirmed yet but many speculate that the upcoming new season will be in-person meetings and possibly a new start at Kleinfeld’s. Fans can expect the new season to drop sometime in 2022. 

Fans can expect to see Randy Fenoli return in season 21 as a host and a famous fashion designer at Kleinfeld’s. 

Fenoli is known for never stepping down when it comes to assisting a bride to purchase the special dress she’ll forever cherish. He confessed to Good Housekeeping that a meeting with him could proceed till eight to ten hours long, mainly if the bride is the centre of attention. “It’s twice as long as a regular appointment time and it’s just because before she [the bride] can walk out, all the cameras need to get in place, so we get all the angles and everything,” Randy Fenoli disclosed to the medium, putting in that conversation with his attendants slightly far away from the bride are rigidly for the cameras.

As per speculation, “Say Yes To The Dress” will introduce plenty more brides this year and will be featured on season 21 of the reality show.