Scheana Reacts to Claim That Tom, Raquel Hooked Up at Her Wedding

Searching for clues. Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay weighed in on friend Jamie Lynne‘s theory that Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss were already hooking up at her wedding to Brock Davies.

“I completely forgot that this happened,” the “Good as Gold” songstress, 37, said during the Friday, March 17, episode of her “Scheananigans” podcast, referring to the rumor that Leviss, 28, was missing for three hours on the day of the August 2022 ceremony. “I was busy getting ready to get married that day.”

According to Lynne, the former pageant queen wasn’t with the other bridesmaids during a three-hour period where they were getting ready with Shay in her hotel room. “[Raquel] didn’t show up until we had moved over to the bridal suite,” Lynne claimed. “She said she needed pool time or me time, but that’s probably not what she was doing for that entire time. … We all had schedules of where to be, and if [Tom and Raquel] were trying to figure out a time that they could have privacy, that would be the time because everybody was scheduled to be in your room.”

Shay, for her part, noted that Leviss’ whereabouts were “the last of my concerns” that day. “I was getting ready on time there with seven out of eight of my bridesmaids who showed up when they were supposed to,” she quipped.

In her own podcast earlier this week, Lynne made a joke about Leviss’ alleged three-hour absence during the wedding festivities, so Shay asked her to elaborate on what she meant. “When you’re getting ready for your friend’s wedding that you’re in, why would you choose that as your me time?” Lynne asked. “Pick another time.”

Earlier this month, Us Weekly confirmed that Sandoval, 40, and longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix called it quits after the musician was caught having an affair with Leviss. Neither Sandoval nor Leviss have publicly confirmed when their relationship began, but viewers began crafting their own theories after the Wednesday, March 15, installment of Pump Rules.

During the episode, Leviss went on a girls trip to Lake Havasu with Lala Kent and Katie Maloney, but she left early after deciding she didn’t feel comfortable with them. She then returned to Los Angeles, where she crashed the boys night that Tom Schwartz hosted to celebrate his divorce from Maloney, 36. The episode ended with an ominous “To Be Continued” chyron.

According to Lynne and Shay’s friend Kael Ramsey-Ackerson, Leviss said that her affair with Sandoval began shortly after the Havasu trip, which took place in early August 2023. “I told her, ‘Bro, you literally called me an hour or ​two after the girls made you cry and then you hit me back when you were in Los Angeles,’” Ramsey-Ackerson claimed during the Tuesday, March 14, episode of Lynne’s podcast. “And she was like, ‘[After the boys night] is when we got closer.’”

Lynne, meanwhile, said that she witnessed a serious conversation between Sandoval and Leviss that took place after boys night. “I didn’t realize that at the time, like, how close they were talking or how intimate it actually looked,” she explained, revealing that she filmed them speaking. “We’re so clueless that we have no idea what’s actually transpiring.”

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Us confirmed after Shay’s nuptials that Leviss made out with Schwartz, 40, during the festivities, but Lynne believes her affair with Sandoval may already have been happening. Shay, for her part, said she’s been getting a lot of feedback about what guests saw between Leviss and Sandoval. “There were a lot of people who have messaged me about things that rubbed them the wrong way at the wedding,” the former SURver said. “Things that they saw that no one thought anything of at the time. But now people are going back. They’re picking apart a lot of situations and scenarios that looked a little sus at the time, but we all just shook it off and it was like, ‘No, we’re all best friends. You know, love is love.'”

Shay went on to say that she was still close with Leviss’ parents before news of the affair broke. “Up until we did Watch What Happens Live, her mom was texting me about how we should dress up like pumpkin pie and cotton candy and wear orange and pink and make fun of the things we were called on the show this season,” the Azusa Pacific University grad recalled.

Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Shay admitted that she now feels badly about how she treated Maloney during season 10 of Pump Rules, claiming that she didn’t initially realize how much her friend was still hurting in the aftermath of her divorce from Schwartz. “Watching Katie go through that, it tugged on my heartstrings and made me just feel like a f–king asshole, because I do remember what that was like,” the reality star said, referencing her own divorce from Mike Shay. “So, I definitely just wanted to get that out because that is something that, since I watched the episode and then I watched it again, it’s just not sitting right with me. … And yeah, for that, I’m sorry. And I will be saying I’m sorry again next week at the reunion, whether that is Zoom or in person.”

The “Shake That” singer went on to say that she initially didn’t think Maloney was that upset by the split. “She is going through a divorce and a heartbreak, and as much as she came on so strong that, ‘I’m happy, I’m great, I’m living my best life,’ I took that very literal from one conversation, and I would say that’s one of my regrets this season,” Scheana explained. “I will have an apology for her at the reunion next week, because watching it back, it was very easy for my anxious attachment style to retract from that friendship when I wasn’t getting responses via text. I would ask her, ‘Do you need help moving boxes? Can Brock and I do anything?’ And when I get so many unanswered texts I get in my head. I’m like, ‘OK she’s fine, guess she doesn’t need anything.'” 

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Scheana’s participation in the season 10 reunion — which tapes later this month — is an open question since Leviss filed a restraining order against her that means they must stay 100 yards apart from one another. The “Scheananigans” host noted that she has no input in whether she appears, but she currently believes she will be on set.

“I mean, as far as I know, I am fully intending on being there in person,” Scheana said. “I have no say over how this logistically works out, if it’s Zoom [or in person]. We also have another COVID test that we have to do before the reunion. So, that is not up to me whatsoever. I just wanna make that very clear.”

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

The Bravo personality said that season 10’s episodes have been harder for her to watch than any she’s seen since the show premiered. “Watching this episode back has been the most challenging in 10 years,” Scheana said of the Wednesday installment. “A mindf–k is putting it mildly. I don’t even know how to explain what a trip that was watching back, seeing the other side.”

Scheana also reiterated Andy Cohen‘s claim that nothing in season 10 so far has been re-edited in the aftermath of Scandoval. “This was the story that was happening no matter what,” she said. “It’s been really tough just hearing everything, seeing everything, going back and thinking about everything. And you will see a lot of this play out. It started a little bit in this week’s episode, but I mean, every episode for the rest of the season, people should be watching with a very different lens. And again, nothing’s getting re-edited. Obviously, it’s no secret we picked back up cameras last week, so there will be additional content that’ll be [tacked] on to the end of the season. But everything else is what was actually happening behind our backs and in front of our faces.”

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