Scott Hollifield: Revisiting the mass dog wedding scare of 2008 |

“We are here to find a perfect bride for our dog Jingo, a poodle who has been alone for a while now,” said one owner.

Marriage, traditionally, has been a sacred union between a man and a woman. Or, in some more enlightened locales, any various combination of the two. Or, among certain religious sects, an old man and 12 teenage girls. Or, in my neck of the woods, two consenting cousins.

Since the headline referred to the event as “unique,” I figured the mass dog wedding posed no threat to what one of my thrice-divorced acquaintances called “the sanctity of marriage” here in the good ol’ US of A.

Seems you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a mass dog wedding or the festive dead-cat swinging that follows at the dog wedding reception. (Note: No instances of dead-cat swinging have been reported and I in no way advocate the swinging of cats, dead or alive. I was simply using hyperbole to make a point or, as many readers insist, be a real smart—.)

According to a search of the trusty internet, the town of Oak Park, Illinois, scheduled a mass dog wedding in an effort to claim the Guinness World Record for dog weddings, at that time held by Littleton, Colorado, where 178 canine couples tied the knot in May 2007.