Second round of One Piece inspired wedding dresses now on sale

Look as elegant as Carrot, Hancock… even Big Mom!

Some people spend their lives dreaming about their perfect wedding, and with the perfect wedding comes the perfect wedding dress. And for any brides who are fans of One Piece, you can enjoy your special day looking like your favourite sea-faring pirate!

Wedding dress company PACOLE previously released wedding dresses inspired by One Piece’s leading ladies, and ever since the collection was originally announced in July 2020, a dress design inspired by a different One Piece character has been released to the public each month. Now there are four new gowns of four new characters available to buy.

The first One Piece lady announced in the latest collection is pirate empress Boa Hancock.

▼ Hancock’s Dress — 204,000yen (US$1,845)

Hancock’s dress is made of a brown tulle material, with a deep v-neck. The elegant embellishments invoke the image of a snake, and also give off a feeling of royalty, as becoming of the Snake Princess.

Next up is marine swordswoman Tashigi.

▼ Tashigi’s Dress — 194,000yen (US$1,755)

Tashigi’s dress is a simple, strapless tulle gown, to give a feeling of spring. The gown is matched with a cherry blossom bouquet to be brandished like Tashigi’s trusted sword.

The next character to receive a beautiful bridal gown is rabbit mink Carrot.

▼ Carrot’s Dress — 204,000yen (US$1,845)

Carrot’s wedding dress is a beautiful spring green colour. It is adorned with gold sparkles, bringing joy to everyone that sees it, much like Carrot’s infectious cheerfulness.

Last but not least is Bonney, captain of the Bonney Pirates.

▼ Bonney’s Dress — 209,000yen (US$1,890)

Bonney’s dress is a colourful, floral gown, with a refreshing feel. The ruffles at the back are detachable, so the wearer can have a voluminous or elegant silhouette.

In total, PLACOLE will be releasing wedding gowns based on twelve One Piece characters, and the latest four additions to the collection bring the total to ten. The final two characters with dresses being designed on their image are Sanji’s former fiancée Pudding

…and, if your dream wedding consists of you dressing up as one of One Piece’s most notorious villains, here’s a dress inspired by Linlin, a.k.a Big Mom!

There’s no word on when these two wedding gowns will be available for purchase, but we can’t wait to see photos of real-life brides rocking the Big Mom dress!

The other dresses can be ordered from the PLACOLE website, and will be delivered four months after ordering.

Of course, special wedding plans aren’t just limited to One Piece — with wedding plans for fans of series like Final Fantasy, Pokémon and Sailor Moon, your dream wedding can be as magical as you want!

Source: NetLab, PLACOLE, PR Times
Images: PLACOLE, PR Times
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