Serena Williams celebrates her “bride-to-be” niece in fun family trip to Mexico

Serena Williams has been making the most of her time since her decision to “evolve away from tennis”. The tennis legend was recently spotted in Mexico with her family on what seemed to be a “ladies-only” trip, ahead of her niece Justus Bobbitt’s wedding.

Williams later reminisced about the highlights of the holiday, revealing that she met up with fans, saw one of the seven wonders of the world, and celebrated with her niece under the moon. The American also shared a series of posts on her Instagram from the beachside vacation.

“About last weekend. Mexico was great. I met fans that sang tea cup songs with me. Saw one of the 7 wonders of the world. But mostly celebrated out bride to be. Even the moon came! All grown up, Justus, fun,” she said in a post on social media.

The American tennis star also posted a video of herself dancing around a fire pit while singing the song “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” by music icon Selena.

“Loving my baby bride to be so much. So much I thought I was Selena for a moment and not Serena. I could never do her justice. All grown up,” she joked.

Also seen on the trip were Williams’ daughter Olympia, sister Venus Williams and Isha Price.

Serena Williams shifts focus to her venture capital firm Serena Ventures

Serena Williams shifts her focus from tennis to Serena Ventures

Serena Williams has been a busy woman since playing the final match of her career at the 2022 US Open. Among other things, the 23-time Grand Slam champion, who founded a venture capital firm called “Serena Ventures” in 2014, is now focused on backing diverse startups.

The mission of Serena Ventures is to invest in startups whose perspectives and innovations level the playing field for women and people of color. Williams’ investment firm has backed numerous startups such as Masterclass, Impossible Foods, Daily Harvest, Calico AI, Chat Desk and Foody, to name a few.

Most recently, the 41-year-old backed a Nigerian data and insights firm “Stears” in a $3.3 million seed round of financing led by MaC Venture Capital.

In her tennis farewell essay for Vogue, Williams elaborated on her new role as a businesswoman.

“In my own life, the balance has been slowly shifting toward Serena Ventures. I always say that I’m a sponge: At night I go to bed and I squeeze myself out so that the next day I can take up as much new information as I can. Every morning, I’m so excited to walk downstairs to my office and jump onto Zooms and start reviewing decks of companies we’re considering investing in,” Serena Williams wrote.
“We’re a small but growing firm of six people scattered between Florida, where I mainly live, Texas, and California. I started investing nine years ago, and I really fell in love with early stage, whether it’s pre-seed funding, where you’re investing in just an idea, or seed, where the idea has already been turned into a product,” she added.

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