Serena Williams’ Most Iconic Outfits Ever

What do you do when you’ve got nothing to wear to a party? Well, if you’re Serena Williams, you get creative. In 2022, Williams found herself with no dress for the Vanity Fair Oscars party. Apparently, she had two dresses to choose from, but they didn’t work. “The night before, I called Donatella [Versace], I’m like, ‘I don’t know what to do, my dress doesn’t fit, I have nothing to wear,'” Williams told Vogue. 

So, Versace had the brilliant idea to do some very last-minute DIY on another Versace dress that Williams had recently worn at the Critics’ Choice Awards. Originally, the dress had been a floor-length silver dress with a train. Versace turned it into a strapless mini dress. “They literally chopped it and they took off the straps and yeah, voila, it was a whole new dress,” Williams said. After that stressful experience, Williams said, she’s always sure to have more options for her big events.