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Guilt is a powerful thing. If you aren’t familiar with it, you are fortunate. For those who have lived with guilt or someone who constantly tries to manipulate us through guilt, you understand how unfair and stressful it is.

This story is about classic mom-daughter guilt that often rears its ugly face when wedding bells start to ring. Posted under one of my favorite Reddit communities, this question isn’t a tough one:

What do you do when your mother makes you feel like you did something wrong when you’re at the mercy of her credit card?

Storytime: Girl gets engaged in 2021 and sets a tentative wedding date in spring or summer of 2023.

Her mom and dad are thrilled and want to contribute to the wedding financially; at the “very least,” they want to buy the dress.

When the time comes to book the wedding venue, their date is not available, and they commit to 4 weeks earlier than initially planned.

Well, you’d think it was a year earlier. “My mum decided that it was too short notice and said that they’d no longer be able to contribute what they initially wanted to. … However, she has said she’d still like to buy my dress.”

But every time the subject of the wedding and the dress come up, she continuously reminds her daughter that money is tight, but she doesn’t do it in a thoughtful, harmless way.

Instead, she sneaks in little verbal jabs and reminders of all the other expenses she’s responsible for the entire year of 2023.

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