She Wants To Uninvite Her Fiancé’s Ex-Wife From Their Upcoming Wedding – Chip Chick

A woman has been together with her fiancé for the last 2 years, and before she met him, her fiancé was married to another woman. Her fiancé had 2 children with his ex-wife.

This upcoming summer, she and her fiancé are getting married, and her fiancé’s ex-wife is also getting married as well.

She and her fiancé had already planned their wedding date, which they shared with their loved ones, but then suddenly, she found out that her fiancé’s ex-wife moved her wedding to just one month before their wedding.

Her fiancé’s ex-wife learned that she was pregnant, so that’s the reason why she had to move up her wedding date.

She was extremely irritated about this, though she realized it wasn’t like she could dictate to her fiancé’s ex what to do with her life.

Although she and her fiancé previously got along well with her fiancé’s ex and the guy she’s about o marry, things have really gone downhill lately, and a lot of it has to do with the pregnancy.

Her fiancé’s ex has been nonstop talking about her pregnancy and how thrilled she is, and she doesn’t like that.

“I will admit that my feelings are influenced by the fact that we’ve been trying to get pregnant for a year, which she knows, and it feels like she’s being a bit intentional about it because she knows we’re trying so hard for a baby,” she explained.

“She’s older so keeps going on and on about how easy this pregnancy has been considering it’s a geriatric pregnancy and how she’s so lucky.”

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