Simone Biles Is ‘Ready’ for Her Pre-Wedding Ritual as Big Day With Jonathan Owens Nears

Simone Biles Is ‘Ready’ for Her Pre-Wedding Ritual as Big Day With Jonathan Owens Nears

Simone Biles, the famous American gymnast, is getting ready for the biggest day of her life as she prepares to marry her partner, Jonathan Owens. The Olympic gold medalist shared her excitement about the event and her pre-wedding ritual in a recent interview.

Simone Biles is known for her incredible athleticism and mastery of the gymnastics field. She has won numerous gold medals in her sport, including four in the 2016 Summer Olympics. However, as she prepares for her wedding day, she is focused on another kind of preparation.

Biles recently spoke about her pre-wedding ritual and how she’s getting ready for the big day. She explained that it’s a tradition in her family to take a cold shower on the morning of the wedding day. While it may seem like a strange tradition to some, Biles says it’s something that has been a part of her family for generations and something she’s excited to continue.

“I’m excited to continue that tradition and just embrace it,” she said. “I think it’s just a reminder to stay in the moment and just be present.”

Biles and Owens have been together for over a year and have been outspoken about their love for each other. Their relationship has been a subject of media attention, with fans eagerly anticipating their wedding day.

In the same interview, Biles explained how her relationship with Owens has changed her. She said that Owens is her biggest supporter and encourages her to be her best self. He also helps her stay grounded and focused on what’s important.

“He makes me feel like I’m not alone, and I really appreciate that about him,” she said.

Biles has also shared glimpses of her wedding planning process on social media, giving fans a peek into the preparations. While she hasn’t revealed many details about the wedding itself, fans can expect it to be a beautiful and heartfelt event, with Biles’ unique touch added.

In addition to planning her wedding, Biles has been busy training for the upcoming Olympics. She recently made headlines for her incredible performance at the U.S. Classic, where she set history by becoming the first woman to land a Yurchenko double pike in competition.

Biles’ dedication to her sport is part of what makes her such an inspiration to people around the world. She has overcome numerous obstacles and challenges throughout her career and continues to push herself to be the best she can be.

Her upcoming wedding is another exciting milestone in her life, and fans are eager to see what she accomplishes next.

In conclusion, Simone Biles is getting ready for her big day with Jonathan Owens, and she’s excited to continue her family’s pre-wedding shower tradition. Her relationship with Owens has been a source of happiness and support for her, and fans can expect her wedding to be a beautiful and heartfelt event. Biles continues to inspire people with her dedication to her sport and her commitment to being the best version of herself.

Frequently Asked Questions about Simone Biles Is ‘Ready’ for Her Pre-Wedding Ritual as Big Day With Jonathan Owens Nears

1. Who is Simone Biles and why is she in the news?
Answer: Simone Biles is a renowned American gymnast who has won multiple Olympic gold medals. She is in the news because she recently opened up about her pre-wedding ritual with her fiancé Jonathan Owens.

2. What is Simone Biles’ pre-wedding ritual?
Answer: Simone Biles’ pre-wedding ritual is a personal tradition that she has been observing for years. She puts on her big hoop earrings, a Texas shirt, and listens to music to get pumped up for the day.

3. When is Simone Biles getting married to Jonathan Owens?
Answer: The exact date of Simone Biles’ wedding to Jonathan Owens has not been revealed, but it is expected to take place in the near future.

4. Who is Jonathan Owens and how did he meet Simone Biles?
Answer: Jonathan Owens is an American professional football player who currently plays for the Houston Texans. He met Simone Biles through mutual friends and they started dating in August 2020.

5. What are Simone Biles’ plans after her wedding?
Answer: Simone Biles has not revealed her plans after her wedding, but she has hinted at retirement from gymnastics after the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. She is also passionate about mental health advocacy and hopes to continue raising awareness for the cause.

Common Misconceptions about Simone Biles Is ‘Ready’ for Her Pre-Wedding Ritual as Big Day With Jonathan Owens Nears

1. Simone Biles is only known for her gymnastics career.
2. Simone Biles is not interested in getting married or settling down.
3. Simone Biles’ fiancé, Jonathan Owens, is not supportive of her athletic career.
4. Simone Biles is not currently training or working towards future gymnastics competitions.

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