Simone Biles Spills Secrets on Wedding Date and “Exciting” Guest List

E! News: How fun has it been designing this activewear collection?
Simone Biles: Obviously, I wear a lot of athletic clothes, so I was like, “This is perfect.” But we also really wanted to target young girls just to inspire them so that’s why you’ll see we’ve embedded some love notes in the collection, which are mantras that I’ve used throughout my career that kind of keep me going and keep me up on my feet and make me feel empowered and excited to work.

E!: What was the design process like?
SB: Now we’re like in spring, so we obviously played off of that. One of my favorite colors is a dandelion yellow, so you’ll see that throughout the collection. And you’ll also see some pastels, which are really pretty, and a lot of the articles of clothing are very cohesive, so you could wear them and mix and match. One of my other favorite ones looks like brushstrokes and that’s fun for the kids. So, we have a lot embedded throughout the whole collection.

E!: What are some of your mantras?
SB: One of them is, “The floor is yours,” another is, “Because I Can,” and the last one is, “No dream is too small or too big.” So, hopefully it’ll inspire girls if they’re ever having a down day, they can look down and it’s that little Simone on their shoulder and just a reminder for them to keep going.