Singer Se7en & actress Lee Da Hae announce they will be getting married this coming May + reveal wedding photos

Singer Se7en and actress Lee Da Hae will be getting married this coming May!

On March 20 KST, Lee Dae Hae and Se7en took to their personal Instagram to announce their upcoming wedding ceremony in May of this year. Revealing some of their wedding photos, Se7en wrote on his personal Instagram, “I have good news that I want to relay to you all first. I made the promise that on May 6th, I will be getting married to my girlfriend Lee Da Hae who has been with me for the past eight years and always showed me with love.” 

Lee Da Hae also took to her personal Instagram to write, “It’s possible that this will be nothing to be surprised by, as we have been dating for the past 8 years after all…but why am I so shy to say this..I contemplated a lot about how to announce this news to you all. In the upcoming May, we promised to go from longtime lovers to husband and wife. As of right now, the word ‘boyfriend’ sounds more familiar, but I will live as a good wife and a great support to my dear, who will now be my companion for the rest of my life.”

Congratulations to Se7en and Lee Da Hae!!