Small buisness tips from Say Yes to the Dress TV show

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- At the Chattery in Chattanooga, Suzanne Dulin used a successful wedding dress TV show as inspiration to aid Hamilton County small businesses coming out of the pandemic.

“I love the show. It’s been running for 20 years. They have some very successful marketing. Their salespeople are wonderful. I think a lot of people are afraid of sales but they gave such a wonderful positive example of a good sales experience,” said Dulin.

Dulin said she can use examples from the show and show other small businesses hope to use those situations in their own companies.

“Most of us will watch the show and know exactly what’s going to happen when you walk into the store, try on those dresses, and they’re going to ask you if you’re going to say yes to the dress and those processes transfer it to your own sales experience and your business. So it’s like a great model,” said Dulin.

She said it’s been a tough year and a half due to the pandemic but it provides an opportunity for small businesses to grow.

“Direct sales as a way to bring money into your business without spending money. Also being able to talk to your existing customers and get more cash out of the customers who are already engaged with your business. So I’m helping people to build sales without necessarily spending money,” said Dulin.

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