Soft make-up looks natural and beautiful even for brides

Whether she has a salon make-over or dresses at home, the bride wants to look her best. Along with her make-up and dress, she is the centre of attraction at the different functions. Salons offer different types of make-up, like HD; Soft and Air Brushed Make-up. HD Make-up allows it to look flawless, especially in photographs and close-ups. Soft make-up, even for brides, is a minimal make-up look and yet looks natural and beautiful. Air Brushed Make-up is sprayed on, rather than applied with the usual applicators. It provides long lasting effect and looks flawless.
For eyes, apply lighter brown shadow on the upper eye lid and dark brown eye shadow in the crease, to add depth. Outline the eyes with dark eye pencil or eyeliner. For a smudged effect, a dark eye shadow also works well on the upper lid, close to the lashes. Extend it a little beyond the outer corner of the eyes, slightly upwards. Smudging can be done with a sponge tipped applicator. Eye liner or dark eye shadow may be applied on the lower lid and then smudged. You may want to try gold, silver or bronze shadow to line the eyes over your eyeliner on the upper lid. Highlight under the brows with ivory or gold. Then apply mascara. Roll-on mascara is easy to apply. To make lashes appear thicker, apply powder between two coats of mascara.
Use a lip liner the same colour as your lipstick. Apply lip gloss in the centre, after applying lipstick. Match your lipstick with the colour of your dress. Dramatic red for lips is in vogue. Red and shades of red may be applied. Or go for warm earthy colours, like coral, wine, plum, strawberry, red and shades of red in lipstick. A dark pink, rose-red or brick-red would look good too.
For the hair, many brides prefer the traditional Indian look with flowers. Part of the hair can be put up, while a part is left open, falling over one shoulder, along with a cascade of flowers. Or you can have tiny glittering stones, or diamante, adorning the hair, fancy “joora” pins, decorative combs or even a piece of jewellery. Or, use wreaths of flowers. For cocktails and dinners before the wedding, long hair, left open, with a combination of waves and curls would look glamorous. If you want a romantic look, have ringlets falling just below shoulder level. Long, wavy hair, left open can be both elegant and romantic.
There is no denying today’s trend of fusion of the East and West in bridal grooming. For receptions, gowns have gained in popularity, with straps, halters or bare shoulders. Leading fashion designers are combining Indian traditional fabrics with western styles and Indian tradition with western elegance and sophistication. Different materials too are being used for the bridal dress today, like tissues, chiffons, crepes, georgettes. Shimmering materials are also being used to set off the attire like gold or silver tissue. The bride is no longer hiding herself under yards and yards of heavy silk. A few decades ago, red was the bride’s colour. But not today! Colours like sea green, turquoise blue, lavender, strawberry, fushcia, rust, copper, purple, sheer gold, are being used.
Lehenga cholis are more popular for weddings. Decorative necklines, high at the back and low in front, halter necks, octagonal, scalloped, or backless, are in fashion, rather than plain round or v-necklines. The influences of global trends and films are felt in wedding styles too. But, traditional weddings are still very much a part of Indian life, and will always be there.