Southern Botanics | Laurel Magazine

Written By: Mary Jane McCall | Issue: 2021/10 – October

There’s a bit of mountain magic embedded within each creation of Southern Botanics.


High Hampton Inn

When you witness the creations of Douglas and Austin Davis-Selph, which positively thrum with charm and a vibrant lifeforce, you’re bound to detect an underlying echo of the Plateau’s natural bounty. 

You can see these works of art at Acorn’s, and Half-Mile Farm and the GlenCove Clubhouse and at the reimagined High Hampton Inn. 

They’re infused with that distinctive Plateau aesthetic because native-grown plants are the foundation of each work of art.

“All of our creations are foraged locally,” says Douglas. “The 35 pieces of original pressed botanical art we made for High Hampton all feature plants and flowers from either their property or from elsewhere on the Plateau.”

In fact, that reverence for the plants of the Plateau lies at the heart of Douglas and Austin’s Southern Botanics. 

The duo learned early in life that Ralph Waldo Emerson may have said it best when he said, “the earth laughs in flowers.”    

Both grew up in Georgia, Douglas in south central Georgia, and Austin in Atlanta, and both are influenced by early memories of their parents and grandparents instilling a curiosity about, and love of nature, plants, and flowers in them. 

Initially indulging in their love of nature only as a hobby and a source of calm, they realized that their passion was to turn this hobby into a business and Southern Botanics was born. Working with flowers and finding inspiration in nature, they create timeless works of art from those elements. 

Austin quickly hung up his suit and tie and left the corporate world behind, devoting his full attention to Southern Botanics.  

Doug still practices commercial real estate law in Atlanta with Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP and creates his artwork in his

He says, “it is a welcome diversion from the stress of law practice.”

Southern Botanics specializes in creating hand-crafted works of art by pressing, mounting and framing flowers, leaves and other plant materials. The timeless beauty of flowers ensures that their art fits into any décor, whether it be a mountain cabin, lake home or something a bit more grand.

The unique nature of each work means that they’re the perfect gift for capturing a particular moment or mood. 

For those wishing to create lasting artwork commemorating their wedding, engagement, birthday celebrations, anniversaries or proms, they will press your flowers into framed keepsakes, and can incorporate invitations, photos and other memorabilia into their final design.

You can reach them for information on custom commissions by phone at (404) 314-5650, or by email at [email protected]. They also have Facebook and Instagram pages – just look for southernbotanics.