Special delivery! Postal worker reunites distraught bride with missing wedding dress

A bride-to-be left distraught when her wedding dress vanished after being delivered to the wrong address has been reunited with her dream gown. Katie Sugg wanted to walk down the aisle in the vintage 1940s dress when she married sweetheart Andrew Healey.

But she was left heartbroken after discovering Royal Mail had delivered it to the wrong address on Wednesday (June 22) – where it had had been signed for. The 27-year-old, from Lichfield, posted a social media appeal, knocked on neighbours’ doors and even searched in local bins for the dress, bought off eBay as a ‘one of a kind’.

Katie is due to marry Andrew, 30, a fellow sheep farmer, early next year after nine years together. She said Royal Mail officials initially told her the location of the delivered dress was around two miles away and that it might take up to 10 days to track down.

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But thanks to the heroics of a dedicated postal worker at Lichfield sorting office, she was reunited with her dress on Thursday (June 23). Katie told BirminghamLive: “One of the colleagues at Lichfield sorting office saw the Facebook post.

“She decided off her own bat to talk to her manager who was then able to fast track it. I was told by three different people it would take ten days to find, but because this lady had seen it on Facebook she sent someone round to fetch it out of someone’s porch where it had been left and brought it directly to my house.”

Katie said an online tracking facility showed it was signed for and delivered to her home in Brownsfield Road, Lichfield. But it had been delivered to the wrong address a few miles away.

She said: “The person who delivered it genuinely thought it was the right address, it was a Royal Mail delivery. It was still sat in the same porch that it had been delivered to, over two miles away.”

Katie Sugg and her fiance Andrew Healey

A relieved Katie praised the power of social media in helping reunite her with her dress. She said: “It’s surprising what social media can do. There were 240 shares on the post that I wrote on the Lichfield page, it took someone from Royal Mail to see that before they actually did anything – the people on the phone just told me ten days.”

Katie revealed she has since tried the dress on and it will be kept safe until her wedding next year. She said: “It’s brilliant, amazing, it’s a vintage wedding dress.

“The company that make them, Berketex, no longer make dresses, so I knew I would never get one the same. I’m really excited for the wedding early next year.”

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: “The wedding dress was delivered to our customer at the correct address on Thursday morning, following a complaint that it had not been correctly delivered the day before. We are very sorry for the problems that initially occurred with this delivery, and send our customer all good wishes for her upcoming wedding.”