Stars Fight Over Bouquet At Locky And Irena’s Wedding

The Bachelor sweethearts Locky Gilbert and Irena Srbinovska have officially tied the knot but it looks like a chaotic bouquet toss has stolen the thunder from their nuptials.

Locky and Irena met on Season Eight of The Bachelor, and ever since then their relationship has absolutely blossomed. In June of 2022, the pair officially announced their engagement via an emotional Instagram video featuring Lady Gaga‘s “Holy My Hand.”

Source: Instagram / @ irena_srbinovska

Over the weekend, the pair made things official with a luxurious ceremony in Melbourne, but the event got super rowdy at the reception, especially during the bouquet toss and unsurprisingly a bunch of previous contestants from The Bachelor were involved.

I mean if you didn’t get the winning rose, you might as well fight for a bunch of flowers, amirite?

In a video from the wedding, bridesmaids Stephanie Lynch and Laura O’Loughlin, who were both on Jimmy Nicholson‘s season of The Bachelor, can be seen clawing over the bouquet.

Stephanie is then tripped over by another fellow Bachie alumni, Bel Colwell, who was on Locky and Irena’s season.

Amongst the squeals, the falling wedding guests, messy flower petals and the sound of Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies” menacingly playing in the background, Laura was the one to come out victorious as she swayed the bouquet in the air after successfully grabbing it from the claws of the other Bachie contestants.

Bachelor In Paradise star and fellow bridesmaid Alisha Aitken-Radburn uploaded the mini battle onto her Instagram, captioning the video, “the MOST DRAMATIC bouquet toss in BACHELOR HISTORY.”

The Bachelor host Osher Günsberg commented on Alisha’s post, writing, “You’re puttin’ the real into reality. Solid effort.”

I think they should’ve invited him to help keep the damn peace.

So Dramatic! also uploaded the bouquet toss from another angle, and it’s just so brutal.

Although most of the comments find the anarchy of Irena’s toss quite funny, some have called the ex-Bachie contestants out for being embarrassing.

One user commented on So Dramatic’s post, writing, “The secondhand embarrassment is real.” Another user wrote, “That is so embarrassing for them, such an archaic tradition.”

Besides the chaotic bouquet toss, it looked like Locky and Irena and the rest of the gals had a little fun.

Cursed Vid Shows Bachie Stars Getting Into A Fight Over Bouquet Toss At Locky & Irena’s WeddingSource: Instagram / @irena_srbinovska

But maybe Jimmy and Holly Kingston should ditch the bouquet toss, or maybe just have Osher at the door to hand out roses to avoid any stampedes.