StyleBlueprint’s 10 Most Popular Articles of 2022

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As our team of writers prepares for a new year and new adventures, we love to look back on the stories, images, and events that resonated most with you, our truly cherished readers. We talked to the South’s most famous swimmers, visited a furniture shop in the Ozarks, tasted pimento cheese, and visited as many charming small towns as we could manage. Without further ado …

StyleBlueprint’s 10 Most Popular Articles of 2022

We have articles that run only in our city-specific markets, but these are the ones that resonated with readers across the entire region!

The Walsh Sisters: From the Olympics to Swimwear Designers

Powerhouse swimmers at the University of Virginia. Nashville natives. Sisters. Now, leaders in the swimwear retail world. Alex and Gretchen Walsh are making history in this inspiring story you have to hear. Read the full article HERE.

Alex (right) is a Tokyo Olympics silver medalist and World Champion in the 200 Individual Medley and an NCAA Champion. Gretchen (left) is a National Champion and NCAA Champion. They recently made history as the youngest NCAA athletes to launch a line with a major retailer. Image: SPORTI x Alex + Gretchen Walsh

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The ‘Realest’ Furniture Company You’ve Ever Seen

At James + James Furniture, hardwood lumber comes straight from the mill through one door, and gorgeous bespoke furniture ships to the customer out of the other. See how this Arkansas maker is changing the furniture game for the better. Read the full article HERE.

James and James Furniture Arkansas garage beginnings

Most furniture stores “go to market” in High Point, NC, find the pieces they want to sell, then order a ton of them. But James + James pieces are fully customizable. A dedicated sales team speaks directly with customers to create custom orders that will fit perfectly wherever you want them. Image: James + James Furniture

A Taco Bar: The EASIEST Way to Feed a Crowd

The best meals that feed a crowd are ones where dinner guests are as involved as the cook! Here’s all you need to know to set up the ultimate taco bar at home. Read the full article HERE.

taco bar with taco toppings set up

Line up your taco toppings in the order you would put them on a taco. (Read the full article HERE for more tips!) Image: Leila Grossman of Grannis Photography

RANKED: Store-Bought Pimento Cheese Brands

The StyleBluepint team taste-tested five easy-to-find pimento cheese brands in hopes of naming one (store-bought) option to rule them all. The winner just may surprise you — it definitely surprised us! Read the full article HERE.

pimento cheese tasting

During our recent pimento cheese taste test, we discovered two new favorites you’ve GOT to try! Image: Anne Henley Walker

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3 Small Towns in Alabama to Explore ASAP

We’ve been working our way through the South to spotlight charming small towns in every state, and it’s Alabama’s turn! Explore Fairhope’s coastal charm, the mountain magic of Mentone, and Tuscumbia’s hidden gems within The Shoals. Read the full article HERE.

Fairhope Alley

The flora-lined streets of Fairhope are peppered with more than 90 friendly shops and cafes. Rest in a shady courtyard or stop in for a bite to eat. Image:

Is This THE Wedding Dress of the Year?!

A romantic reception and skyline view at Saint Elle make for the perfect Nashville wedding. Oh, and just wait until you see the bride’s dynamic dress design! Read the full article HERE.

Bride and groom embracing on Nashville pedestrian bridge

This stunner might be one of our favorite dresses so far this year. See an addition and evolution of the dress sleeves as the wedding evening progresses! Image: Glenai Gilbert Photography

5 Small Towns In Georgia We LOVE

Another stop on our popular “Small Towns We Love” series was Georgia! From coastal charm to mountain magic, here are five small towns to put on your Peach State bucket list. Read the full article HERE.

Tables and diners outside of a cafe in downtown Dahlonega, GA

Enticing sights, smells, sounds, and tastes fill the quaint Appalachian town of Dahlonega. Image: Ralph Daniel for Explore Georgia

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2 Little-Known NC Towns to Visit This Year

We are having a little love affair with North Carolina right now. Do you know about these two under-the-radar towns and how they’re connected? Come explore the “Friendly City By the Sea” and a colorful rural arts town with stunning peaks. Read the full article HERE.

Swansboro NC

Swansboro and Burnsville — two small NC towns that are seemingly opposites in every way — actually have tightly connected histories. Image: Image: Onslow County Tourism

The Kentucky Wildlands: Hidden Gem of the South

The Kentucky Wildlands is an undiscovered hidden gem of the South. From crystal clear lakes and wild elk to vibrant fall foliage and star-studded skies, here are six reasons to put The Kentucky Wildlands on your list. Read the full article HERE.

The Kentucky Wildlands

From pristine watering holes to scenic vistas to mind-blowing natural phenomena, The Kentucky Wildlands has something for every flavor of wanderlust. Image: John L Rucker | The Kentucky Wildlands

How to Spend a Weekend in Greenville, SC

Greenville is a wonderfully quirky South Carolina town packed with innovative arts, delicious eats, and plenty of outdoor adventure. Here’s your guide to experiencing all this Southern gem has to offer over a long weekend. Read the full article HERE.

Greenville downtown street fair

Whether you go for Artisphere in spring, Fall for Greenville in autumn, or any long weekend you can get away, Greenville and all of its quirks are ready to greet you. Image: VisitGreenvilleSC

We are so grateful for our readers! Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy 2023!


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