‘Suicide Squad’ Ayer Cut Image Reveals Harley Quinn in a Wedding Dress

Could the Suicide Squad Ayer Cut have given us Mr. and Mrs. J? That’s what this newly unveiled set pic from the 2016 movie seems to suggest. While Warner Bros. pushes ahead with James Gunn’s reimagined Squad-verse, a lot of DC fans would still love to see them release director David Ayer’s original cut of the film, which he has teased many times on social media. Ayer appeared to close the door on that possibility last summer, though, but fans remain fascinated by what could’ve been.

And this new photo is especially intriguing as it teases that wedding bells were originally ringing for Joker and Harley Quinn. Suicide Squad‘s military costume supervisor Owen Thornton took to Instagram to share this throwback image featuring Margot Robbie’s Clown Princess in a wedding dress, with the gown having been spray-painted pink and blue to match the not-so-blushing bride’s pigtails.

In his caption, Thornton confirmed that this pic comes from the “Los Angeles pick up shots” part of the shoot, as well as teasing that there are still “many secrets hidden inside the Ayer Cut.”

We can take a stab at guessing how a scene of Harley wearing a wedding dress originally fit into the plot. In the theatrical version, Enchantress (Carla Delevingne) gives Task Force X visions of their deepest desires, and Harley’s is to end up happily married to the Joker. Maybe this dream sequence was slightly longer in the Ayer Cut and we actually got to see the star-crossed supercriminals tie the knot.

At this point, it’s strange to look back at a time when Harls was ready to walk up the aisle with her puddin’ as she’s now happily single, as last seen in The Suicide Squad. We don’t know where she’ll turn up next, but we can be certain it won’t involve her saying “I do” with Mr. J.