Surprisingly Beautiful Used Wedding Dresses on Boise Craigslist

Boise brides-to-be are embracing the Unique Boutique wedding motif!

And their wedding gowns are no exception. If you’re a bride on a budget, we found 18 surprisingly beautiful used wedding dresses on Boise Craigslist vying for top billing on your special day.

Photo by || Unsplash

Photo by || Unsplash

Tips for Saying “Yes” to the Perfect Pre-Owned Wedding Dress

Size matters. When purchasing a secondhand dress, experts advise brides to size up. Like all garments, even the most intricately designed dress can be tailored to a bride’s figure and specifications. Working with talented tailors and seamstresses who specialize in bridal gowns will ensure a flattering fit and prevent unforeseen wardrobe malfunctions.

Alteration consideration. More often than not, used wedding dresses have gone through a battery of alterations. In certain circumstances, tailors and seamstresses are unable to undo prior modifications. Before committing to a pre-owned gown, experts advise brides to have it evaluated by an alteration specialist. If the specialist identifies any unmendable issues, you’ll know the dress isn’t “the one” before becoming emotionally and financially involved.

Conditional love. Due diligence is key if a bride decides to go with a pre-owned wedding dress. Ask the seller to share the gown’s condition and history with you. If the answers don’t fit the bill, a bride is better off.

  • Was the gown worn in an outdoor ceremony or reception? If so, examine the garment’s hemline for grass stains and other signs of wear and tear.
  • Was the gown professionally cleaned after the ceremony?
  • How was the gown stored? Was it professionally sealed or preserved in a smoke-free environment?

Photo by || Unsplash

Photo by || Unsplash

Congratulations to the Treasure Valley’s brides-to-be!

We hope these tips bring a Boise bride closer to the secondhand dress of her thrifty dreams! Keep scrolling to view a gallery of 18 surprisingly beautiful used wedding dresses on Boise Craigslist!

Surprisingly Beautiful Used Wedding Dresses on Boise Craigslist

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