Taylour Paige gets married to designer Rivington Starchild on 32nd birthday

Taylour Paige gets married to designer Rivington Starchild on 32nd birthday

Taylour Paige is happily married to designer Rivington Starchild.

On Oct. 5, the 32-year-old actress tied the knot with a fashion designer in front of her friends and family. The special date also happened to be her birthday.

Paige’s Hit The Floor co-star, Logan Browning, 33, shared social media images of Paige wearing a white fishtail gown teamed with a braided hairstyle for her big day.

“She is good,” he captioned the images, which also showed Paige carrying a bouquet of white and yellow flowers.

Starchild, meanwhile, dressed in a dark tuxedo and bow tie, teamed with a black hat.

On Thursday, Paige wrote excitedly about her wedding on her Instagram Stories, “Head up chest out!!!!!!! ROLLIN IN PEACE!!!!!!! Yesterday was the greatest day of my life. God is real. God is the greatest.. 32. Pushing the snakes pushing the fakes pushin ’em all off me like UGHHHHHHHHHHH. Back up off me DON’T YOU KNOWWWWWWW I’M A CHILD OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Zola actress first hinted at her new romantic status in a Sept.19 post that displayed a large Tiffany & Co. diamond ring on her finger.