Teen Humiliated By Bride At Wedding For Wearing A Romper Instead Of A Dress

Wedding dress codes are oftentimes intricately planned by the bride and groom, but on rare occasions, sometimes they might be asking for too much, especially from members outside of the wedding party.

When one wedding invitation from a close family member asked women to wear dresses and men to wear suits, a genderfluid 16-year-old was unsure of what to wear as they were uncomfortable picking either option.

After the wedding was finished, they were unsure if their choice to wear a romper was the wrong one, so they asked Redditors on the subreddit “r/AmItheA–hole” (AITA) to see if they had made the wrong move or if they were justified in picking comfort over the bride’s wishes.

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The bride screamed at them for wearing a romper to her wedding instead of a dress.

Beginning their post on the subreddit, the humiliated wedding guest offered some context behind the decision-making that went into choosing the romper.

“I am [assigned female at birth] so was told I would have to wear a dress,” they wrote in their post. “I don’t identify as a woman, however, so I wasn’t comfortable with this and asked for a potential compromise on my outfit. She insisted that I wore a dress.”

Unfortunately, the bride was adamant that they were a dress to the wedding, but they chose to sacrifice the bride’s wishes for the next best thing — a romper that looked like a dress.

“My parents asked if I had found anything suitable and I sent them a link to a romper that looks very much like a dress at first glance, it’s genuinely not noticeable unless you look closely that the bottom part is not a skirt,” they explained.

The parents approved, and everything from then on had gone well until the wedding came.

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During the wedding ceremony, they tripped and fell and exposed the romper for what it was.

“I wore it to the wedding and for the first part everything seems ok,” they explain, “until I am pulled along too hard by a kid and end up tripping and falling face first, sprawled out on the floor.”

After the bride noticed that the bottom of their romper was not a dress, she “loses her s–t” and starts screaming at them — calling them “selfish” and shaming them for going against her wishes.

The commotion causes them to cry, and after the bride storms off, she doesn’t speak to them or their family for the rest of the night.

“I was reassured by some members of my family that I didn’t do anything wrong,” they revealed, “but I’m still super hung up over it and wondering if it was bad of me to wear that.”

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Redditors let the teen know that they weren’t in the wrong for wearing the romper.

It seemed like many people primarily took issue with the idea of a dress code outside of the wedding party in the first place.

“Dress codes for non-wedding party members are usually for a level of formality, not a prescription for a particular article of clothing,” the top comment read.

“If you can’t even tell the outfit isn’t up to code without a trip & fall accident, I can’t see what the problem would be.”

Although the fall was an unlucky and unfortunate circumstance, everything up until that point had been fine, and the bride would have been none-the-wiser.

“What is it with all these brides suddenly deciding they have more control over their guest’s dress choices than selecting one of the standard dress codes?” another comment read, shaming brides for trying to control every aspect of their guest’s lives.

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“No, bride, you don’t get to insist that women wear dresses versus a nice pants suit or a nice romper that looks like a dress.”

Some pointed out that it was very weird for the bride to be so hung up on the fact that they did not wear a dress and accused her of being transphobic.

All in all, the teen was not in the wrong for deciding to choose a romper over a dress, and as long as you maintain a level of formality, always choose comfort over an unfair dress code!

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