Teresa Giudice Doesn’t Want Her Wedding Filmed For RHONJ

RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice says her wedding won’t be filmed for The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but she may be open to a standalone episode.

Teresa Giudice does not want her wedding to be filmed for The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa is a New York Times bestselling author, businesswoman, and mother of four children. Teresa is best known for appearing on RHONJ, where she has been viewed as a crucial factor in the show’s success. However, she has run into some issues in season 12 due to conflicts with cast members and a lack of accountability. While fans have appreciated her outspoken and confrontational attitude in the past, it is not being taken well this time. 

Nonetheless, Teresa has played a critical role in season 12 of RHONJ, and her relationship with Luis Ruelas has been a main topic for the show. The two met in 2020, and their relationship quickly developed. They were excited to share the news of their relationship on social media and decided to include Luis in RHONJ. However, cast members were concerned about this relationship due to issues in Luis’s previous relationship. Despite this, Teresa has been vocal about her relationship and has frequently called Luis her soulmate. In 2021, Teresa and Luis got engaged and are now planning their wedding. 


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According to Page Six, Teresa revealed her wedding is not going to be filmed for RHONJ. While planning her wedding, which is scheduled for August, she says she has done a lot of thinking about the matter and is not against doing a standalone episode for the wedding. It seems that Teresa does not want the wedding to be filmed specifically for RHONJ. Teresa’s sister-in-law states, “I mean, I can’t imagine it not being filmed, let’s just say that.” It is possible that Teresa’s recent experience in RHONJ may deter her from sharing this moment on the show. However, Teresa knows her fans will be interested to see what happens at her wedding. 

Teresa has revealed some information about her wedding planning to keep fans informed. She has told fans that Luis is playing a significant role in the wedding planning and is happy to be involved. Teresa revealed that this is a nice change from her previous experience in planning a wedding. However, she is still nervous, as she wants everything to go as planned. Regardless of the nervousness, she states that she is excited to be married to Luis. They plan to have their honeymoon in Europe and can’t wait to start their lives together as a married couple. 

While it seems that fans will not be able to watch Teresa’s wedding on RHONJ, they hope they will be able to get more information on social media. Teresa has hinted that the wedding might be filmed as a special. Regardless, viewers can continue to watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey in order to keep up with Teresa and Luis when they are married.

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Source: Page Six

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