That Time Lacey Chabert Worked A Real-Life Photo Of Her Grandparents’ Wedding Into Her Hallmark Movie

Lacey Chabert has become quite the Hallmark star in recent years. The Party of Five and Mean Girls alum has been starring in Hallmark movies since 2010, and even more frequently over the last few years. In her newest trilogy of movies, The Wedding Veil, the actress worked in a photo that has a lot of meaning to her: her grandparents’ wedding day.

The actress took to Twitter Saturday night during the premiere of The Wedding Veil to share with fans a very fun — and meaningful — fact. An historical wedding photo can be seen in the apartment of Avery Morrison, Lacy Chabert’s character at one point in the newcomer addition to the Hallmark lineup. In actuality, Chabert confessed that it is actually her grandparents’ wedding photo. Take a look: 

That was my grandparent’s wedding photo in Avery’s apartment. I love when we’re able to put personal touches like that in our movies 🤍 #TheWeddingVeil @hallmarkchannel 9, 2022

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Just like Lacey Chabert said, it’s always nice adding a personal touch to projects! That’s what makes a show or movie all the more relatable and heartfelt. Plenty of films or series add in photos from an actor’s life, including real-life baby photos and other personal touches. It makes me wonder how many other personal Easter eggs are hiding in Hallmark movies of this ilk. 

The Wedding Veil story follows three best friends, played by Lacey Chabert, Alison Sweeney and Autumn Reeser who come across a magical wedding veil. They are told it will bring to love to the person in possession of it. It sounds like the wedding version of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and the type of Hallmark project that will have very happy endings. 

The first movie centers on Chabert’s Avery, while The Wedding Unveiled is set to follow Autumn Reeser’s Emma, and The Wedding Veil Legacy will follow Alison Sweeney’s Tracy. The whole trilogy should be one to look forward to and if Chabert’s personal touch in the first movie is any indication, perhaps fans can look forward to something similar with Reeser and Sweeney.

It’s not surprising that Lacey Chabert wanted to include her grandparents in some way in the new Hallmark movie. Family has always been important to her, as she opened up about missing her sister around the holidays following her unexpected death. The Wedding Veil marks Chabert’s second Hallmark movie since her sister died, with the first one airing the same week it happened (she avoided her usual live tweeting for her holiday premiere). So with the actress promoting this new movie, it’s nice to see her tweeting again.

Lacey Chabert is one of the leading ladies of Hallmark, so expect even more films from her. It’s unknown when or what her next Hallmark movie will be, but hopefully it’s soon. She has become a mainstay on the network, so it wouldn’t be surprising if she announces a new one soon following the airing of The Wedding Veil.

The next flick, aka The Wedding Unveiled is set to premiere on Hallmark Channel on February 12, with The Wedding Veil Legacy premiering on February 19. The Wedding Veil, meanwhile, can be seen on Hallmark throughout the month leading up to the airings of the other movies. For now, check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 winter and spring TV schedule to see what else to catch this year.