The 10 Weirdest Things You Can Buy at Costco

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Who doesn’t want $950 worth of cheese?!

Key points

  • Costco is known for its deals on everyday essentials, but that’s not all the stock. 
  • You can find everything from the expensive to the downright bizarre. If you can dream it, chances are good Costco carries it.

Few fans are as enthusiastic as those who love Costco. From a personal finance perspective, the warehouse store has a lot of great deals. And from a feeding the whole family angle, bulk buying can help keep you out of the store and home with your family.

But Costco has a lot more in store than just the everyday necessities we all use. It’s also a go-to place for many restaurant owners, shopkeepers, and other small businesses. 

Then there’s the…other stuff. While most of the things you’ll find at Costco make sense, whether for families or businesses, some of the things you can find will make you not only think, “Who’s buying that?!” but also, “Who’s buying that at Costco?!” Here are some of the standouts.

1. The world’s largest puzzle

Have you ever finished a 1,000-piece puzzle and thought, “Man, I wish I had 60 more of these!” — well, you’re in luck. Dubbed the World’s Largest Puzzle, this 60,000-piece behemoth is made up of 60, 1,000-piece puzzles that combine into 232 square feet of jigsaw joy. And you can get it all for the low price of $599.99 (plus taxes). That works out to around $0.01 per piece, shipping and handling included. What a bargain!

2. A remote-controlled toilet

If there’s anything the Great Toilet Paper Famine of 2020 taught us, it’s you can’t take a clean tush for granted. With this remote-controlled toilet, you don’t have to! The Moen 3-Series Electronic Cleansing Toilet includes a built-in bidet with endless, instantaneous hot water — and a remote control. This high-tech toilet even includes a special UV light to sanitize your nozzle (no, that’s not a euphemism!) after every use.

3. A giant wheel of cheese

Have you ever seen one of those massive wheels of parmesan cheese in a movie or fancy cooking show and wondered how to get one of your very own? Wonder no more! Costco has you covered. For the bargain price of $949.99 (shipping and handling included), you can purchase a 72-pound wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano straight from Italy. That’s only $13.19 a pound! (Don’t eat it all in one sitting.)

4. A super-sized teddy bear

Remember that giant teddy bear you tried to win at the county fair that one time? This teddy bear is big enough to eat that one. Introducing 93 inches — that’s 7.75 feet — of Plush Bear. This giant will run you $399.99, a price tag that includes doorstep delivery (but “set up is NOT included” — though what setup you might need isn’t clear). 

5. A Lay-Z-Boy sofa…for your dog

We love our furry friends like family, so shouldn’t they have their own special place to sit in the living room? Of course. That’s why you want a La-Z-Boy Newton Pet Sofa. Made with “Human-Grade Materials,” this lounger for your pooch also includes a washable cushion and bone-shaped pillow, all for just $219.99.

6. An inflatable hot tub

Sure, you’d love to have that relaxing hot tub experience. But who wants to deal with trying to get hundreds of pounds of Jacuzzi in your backyard? Maybe you need a SaluSpa Laguna AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub. Just add air — and water — and you’re ready to relax. The $499.99 sales price includes shipping and handling, but you’ll need to set it up yourself.

7. A three-year-old ham

They say happy livestock creates the best meat. Well, the free-range, acorn-fed pigs of the Valle De Los Pedroches in Southern Spain probably make delicious ham. If that sounds like something you’ve got to try, Costco can help. You can get your own ham leg — aged three years — for just $549.99, stand and carving knife included.

8. A Victorian glass greenhouse

Many gardeners know you can find flimsy plastic greenhouses at every big box and warehouse store. But did you know you can also find full-sized greenhouses, too? If you have a spare $9,000 and enjoy Victorian-era details, the Exaco Royal Victorian Glass Greenhouse may be just what you need.

9. Your wedding bouquets

Weddings are expensive. And one of the big costs is often the flowers. For Costco members, however, there may be a solution. Your favorite warehouse store has a whole selection of wedding and event flowers, including multi-piece packages for your bouquets. A 10-piece collection will cost you $289.99, while 20 pieces will cost $549.99.

10. Your eternal resting place

One of the only two sureties in life — the other being taxes, of course — death comes for us all. But you don’t need to pay funeral home prices when Costco can send you to the beyond in style in The Hampton Casket. The velvet-lined casket includes a matching pillow and throw, adjustable head and foot rests, and even a memory tube (because who says you can’t take it with you?).

The one thing you can’t find

It’s clear to see that Costco really does have a bit of everything. But it’s true that there are a few things you won’t find at Costco — specifically, credit cards from any issuer but Visa. Whether you’re buying a literal ton of cheese or an entire wedding’s worth of flowers, make sure you have a Visa credit card to pay for it all.

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